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Nuvi 2589

Can I use an adapter while using my Garmin 2589 and also with same adapter charge my cell iPhone 7 plus?


  • privet01 228 Points
    The normal power cable that plugs into the power point in your vehicle also is the receiver for Garmin Traffic. So if you are talking about one of those phone chargers that have an extra USB plug in and you are going to use the data cable that is intended to plug into your computer for updates, for certain you will lose that traffic feature. Also the phone charger may not provide enough current to put the device in normal navigation mode. But it won't hurt anything to try.

    If you are talking about an adapter that gives you multiple power points from the existing power point, then it should work. This is one example....

    Here are a bunch more....
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited March 2017
    I saw several different models of USB chargers at Best Buy with different wattage ratings and multiple USB outlets. With the large one, I think you would be able to plug both devices in at the same time.

    For traffic, the smartphone link service should now be available for free and should also be much better than the FM traffic cable. SInce your phone is right there, it would be easy to utilize this.

    However the real question is, why do you need the Nuvi at all? ;) I have an iPhone 6s Plus - same size your your 7 Plus. The screens on these phones are big and very nice, nicer than the screens Garmin uses and they're much higher resolution.

    Garmin has the StreetPilot app which turns your phone into a Nuvi. Maps are stored on the phone so no data connection or cell service is required to use the app (unless you want traffic). I stopped using my Nuvi's a year ago and use the phone exclusively (but my Nuvi 3550 is in the center console as a backup).

    Unfortunately, Garmin intentionally cripples the app in a few ways so that it won't compete too directly with their standalone units. The limitation is that you cannot import or export any user data such as waypoints, POI or tracks. And you cannot add any other maps - I actually had to purchase the EU version of the same app to get coverage for a trip. Nevertheless, it is still my favorite navigation app. IIRC,it's $80 but it ends up being about $100 when you add things like traffic, etc with in-app purchases.

    They don't have free trial of StreetPilot - another sign that Garmin isn't very serious about apps yet. OTOH, you should look at the TomTom GoMobile app. It is full featured and includes free maps of the whole world that you can store permanetly on the phone. It is free to use for 50 miles per month, so there really isn't any good reason not to at least check it out. If you like it, they have a subscription model where you pay $20 per year, which seems very reasonable. I have not switched to it because I just don't care for the style of the map display, the small roads are very hard to see. The Garmin StreetPilot map looks exactly like the Nuvi however.

    Anyway… just some food for thought. I like using one device for everything, and the iPhone 5.5 inch screen is terrific. :)
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