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Issues when exporting Google maps to Garmin Drive 60 LMT

So far what I've been trying to do is create a custom map in Google maps. I input my starting and end point, it picks the fastest route but then I drag and drop to create a custom route of places I want to see along the way. This all works fine and I save it on My Places and export a "KML" file to my PC. I've tried a couple different apps like "Tyre", ITNConv" and even Garmins own "Base Camp. What seems to heppen is when i see the map in Google I see my custom route but when it gets on the Garmin it has reverted back to the fastest and ignored my changes. I've deliberately avoided adding waypoints because on a sight seeing road trip we might decide to skip a point and I don't want to have theGPS keep trying to take us back. Is there a way to keep my custom route without adding waypoints ? I know I can add "shaping" on the GPS but it would be so much easier to work off the PC and then transfer the finished map to the GPS as see as it was made on the PC. Am I asking for too much ? Thanks in advance.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    BaseCamp will add shaping points to your route and send them to your Drive. Note also in the Drive series you can easily skip via and shaping points. With a route active tap the spanner bottom right and select 'Change route', you then have numerous options including skipping points.
  • Thanks sussamb, good info and much appreciated.
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