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Bought Etrex 30x to replace Vista Hcx - I think I'll stay with the Vista


I've been with the Vista hCX for about 8 years now and I just thought it would be cool to upgrade, so I bought the trex 30x.

Looks like it might have been a waste of money.
Here are the things the vista hcx did better than the 30x:

1. Speed of moving around the map - Map rendering has become really slow with the 30x. Really really annoying.
2. The "next turns" view while routing got worse:
image vs this

which I couldn't find a way to change.

There are more annoyances, but these are really annoying me.
What do you think?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I moved from a Etrex Legend to an Etrex20, certainly wouldn't go back as I find it far more capable, but then I don't use it for automobile routing like you seem to do.
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    edited March 2017
    I had an eTrex Legend C many years ago. Didn't like that joystick control, it was awkward to use and I was always creating random waypoints when I carried the GPS in my pocket. Upgraded to a 60csx a couple years later and felt it was a much better device all around.

    Since then I've had an Oregon 400t and currently have a Montana 600. I certainly don't miss my old eTrex Legend. :)

    Funny that you specifically mention the "next turn" and map rendering issues. These are the same things that users of Garmin's $800 GPSMap 276cx are complaining about, and many of them have returned their devices.
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