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Turn off Active Lane Guidance on DriveSmart 60


I am wondering if the Active Lane Guidance data is a separate file similar to the .JCV file that can be deleted/renamed to deactivate Active Lane Guidance?

I would like to deactivate Active Lane Guidance as it just gets in the way from my point of view.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited April 2017
    It isn't, it's part of the map data. I do agree though that it's pretty pointless.
  • Thanks you are fast! But I wish it was a different answer. Oh well....
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I also find it very annoying, But as @sussamb says, it's part of the map. I think it is just a different way of displaying data that has always been part of the map. I prefer the old style "advanced lane guidance" feature that just showed little arrows in the top left corner of the screen.
  • "advanced lane guidance" is all that's needed. My old unit that seft-destructed when I tried to do an update showed them all the time. the Drivesmart rarely shows the lane arrows in the top left. A real downgrade I think.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited April 2017
    That's strange as my DriveSmart still shows the lane arrows top left unless that particular junction has the new active lane guidance. Note many junctions don't have either.
  • The arrows appear very rarely. It seemed to show it nearly all the time when I was on a multi-lane road on my old 3490.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    We have discussed this before - my 3550 (same generation as the 3490) shows many more old-style lane assist alerts than my Dezl 760 with active lane guidance. Driving on the highways around NYC, the active lane guidance is really annoying, it constantly takes over half the screen. The thing that is especially annoying is the display of this feature when you are just driving straight down the highway. Like it is showing me not to take each exit. I stopped using the Dezl around NYC because of this. I don't use either now though, I use the StreetPilot app and it shows the old style lane assist like my 3550.

    Perhaps it is implemented differently on the EU devices?
  • I've been out of the discussion for a while since I got the DriveSmart 60 almost a year ago.

    I was updating the software and maps today and had to look up again here how to put the unit into mass storage to get rid of the junction view file. The unit's storage is getting tight.

    Same issues persist. Interesting that others have noticed these annoying "to me" features also.
  • AndreyT 105 Points
    edited April 2017
    The previous "advanced lane guidance" was absolutely useless, but at least it was not intrusive and annoying.

    The current "active lane guidance" is a great idea that actually does things properly. However, as it often happens with Garmin, a great idea suffers from a lame implementation. Maps lack active lane guidance data in areas where it could actually be very useful, like fairly complex interchanges in San Francisco-Oakland area (in my case). Yet that guidance keeps constantly popping up in tame and simple suburb areas, where everything is pretty clear without any additional guidance.

    Any they did not provide any means to disable the feature.
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