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My Garmin Voice Activation responded to a loud burp!?!

We have a Garmin 3590LMTHD, a model which has the voice activation feature. I've set it to respond to "Hey Garmin". The voice activation works fine. It never activates when we didn't want it to, and in fact we often have to repeat "Hey Garmin" loudly before it does respond.

A couple days ago I was driving alone on the highway. I was not playing anything on the car's sound system, and the windows were closed. The only sound was the road noise. I was also drinking a root beer. After a while the root beer's carbonation did its work, and I let out the sort of loud burp I only do when I'm alone.

I was startled to hear the Garmin's distinctive two-tone voice activation signal, and it went to the voice activation screen, waiting for me to give it my next verbal command -- just as it does when I say "Hey Garmin". I thought that was very strange and have been scratching my head about it. There was no sound in the car that could have sounded anything at all like "Hey Garmin".

But as I was telling my wife about it this morning, it hit me. Making the Garmin's voice activation respond to burps would be just the sort of thing a software programmer might do as a joke.

So my question: Has anyone else had their Garmin's voice activation respond to a burp? Again, mine was a loud one. And, any thoughts about whether this was done on purpose as a joke by the Garmin voice activation software's programmers?


  • My 2598 will sometimes respond to musical tones, like when I start my truck and there are some tones when the key is inserted into the ignition. Also sometimes to music playing on the stereo. Mine is still set to the default 'voice command', which also will respond to 'space command'. I guess I haven't burped loudly to test mine.
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