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3597 not taking new data from Basecamp

In the past, I've loaded places and trips from BaseCamp 4.6.2 into my Garmin 3597 GPS unit. Today, I tried to load a new location from BaseCamp to the 3597 and it failed to take the data. A trip was taken, however. What can I do to make this work again? I'm thinking I may need to remove all data from the 3597 and reboot it and then load stuff from BaseCamp again. Is this a practical plan? If so, how do I clear out all the data and reboot the 3597?

Thanks in advance....


  • alanb 539 Points
    I think the first step is to take a look at the GPX file that Basecamp copied into the 3597. You can open it with a text editor such as WordPad. Search for the waypoint to see if it is in the GPX file. If it is not present in the GPX file, then Basecamp didn't send it for some reason. If it is present, the 3597 failed to import it for some reason. That should tell you whether you need to focus your trouble shooting on Basecamp or the 3597.
  • SkipD 91 Points
    Thanks. I may not play with this any more today. I entered the needed waypoint manually into the 3597 and that data is found in the GPX file. I'll experiment with this again soon though.

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