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Favorites won't stay deleted

For some reason many of my favorites are duplicated. I went through the process of deleting the doubles and even a couple which weren't duplicated. However, when I turned off my Nuvi 255W and turned it back on, all of the deleted item were back. Any help will be appreciated.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited April 2017
    This is a common problem. If there are any .gpx files on the Nuvi, they will be imported when it starts up. So if you delete favorites but there is still a .gpx file containing favorites, they just keep coming back. Typically this happens when you use either Basecamp or Mapsource to send favorites (waypoints) to the Nuvi. When you do this, a file named Temp.gpx is created in the GPX folder on the Nuvi.

    To permanently delete favorites:

    1. Use the menus on the Nuvi to delete all favorites.
    2. Connect the Nuvi to your computer and delete ALL .gpx files from the device. You might want to back them up to your computer before deleting if you think they could be important.

    Now they should be gone forever. In the future, just check to make sure there are no old Temp.gpx files hanging around on the Nuvi. Note that the file Current.gpx is created every time the Nuvi starts up, so it will just keep coming back but should not be a problem.
  • gpascott 0 Points
    Thank you Boyd for your quick response. I will keep your solution for future reference. However, shortly after posting, I downloaded an update for my Nuvi and the problem went away. Favorites now stay deleted. Again, thank you.
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