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BC- 30 Backup Camera Icon with NUVI 66 LM


I installed my BC-30 Backup Camera using a extension cable on the rear of my Camping Trailer with the hopes that I could
use it while making lane changes easier and safer in traffic. The power for the camera is a constant 12 VDC, that is supplied only when the ignition is turned on.

Once accessed, the camera performs flawlessly with very clear video of what is to the rear of the camper.

The problem is that the camera icon, which allows selection of the camera view, is never present on the map screen and is only available on the initial setup screen. The only way to access the camera while in the map screen is to press the back arrow and return to the setup screen.

Is there a way to make the camera icon visible on the map screen? Or perhaps, did I just miss something in the setup instructions ?


  • Boyd 1980 Points
    It looks like there are different menu options depending on whether you have the camera connected to the backup lights. How does it behave if corrected to the backup lights? Does the video immediately appear on the screen? If so, then maybe you could wire a switch or button to control the power to the camera? That could allow you to manually turn it on when you want.

    Aside from that, it sounds like you are trying to use it in a way that was never intended.
  • privet01 215 Points
    edited April 2017
    Boyd said:

    Aside from that, it sounds like you are trying to use it in a way that was never intended.

    I second that, I've pulled some pretty large trailers and it's not the people behind you that are the problem when changing lanes. I even doubt that the field of vision for the camera would even have the vehicles in view that you need to be looking at.

    But you are probably right about the power or sensing connections needing to be re-thought if the OP want's this use.

  • I could give a damn about the people behind me, with the exception of those I might be passing or needing to pull in front of to make a turn.

    The field of view of the camera is more than adequate for what I want to do. I don't really need a discussion concerning that. I'm sure the camera will do what I want it to do. I just need to know how to make the icon become visible on the map screen.

    You people can use your camera the way you want to and I'll use mine the way I want to. Even if I am forced to hit the back arrow every time I want to see exactly where the vehicle I'm passing is located. Only an idiot would leave the camera on while traveling to keep an eye on the traffic behind them.

    If you don't know the answer to the question it would behoove you to just remain silent. You're not helping by just making a comment.
  • privet01 215 Points
    edited April 2017
    I am truly sorry that my comments offend you. However I would feel very remiss not to bring up other considerations to any topic that might be related to safety or general impact to the use of something. As well, I learn a lot from discussion that builds constructively around a topic.

    None of your comments gave us any idea as to the field of view you where getting with the camera so I thought it necessary to prod you on that. No offense was intended. Though letting us know that you found the field of vision adequate or had mounted the camera in a manner that is atypical of normal use as a backup camera, might have benefitted us and future readers of this post looking for useful information.

    Ever since I went "online" back in the early eighties, it's been a realization to me that written communication whether email or posts to a forum, twitter or such, frequently will sound inflammatory, offensive, critical or as ridicule when the author of that message had no such intent at all. So I keep that in mind when ever I read comments directed toward me. I always try to glean the positive parts of the message and not dwell on any negatives.

    Now to get back to your question, it seems the BC30 has two wires that need to be connected. One with a fuse that is the main power wire that can be connected to a 12volt source that is the one that you must modify. If it is on a constant power source you'd think the camera will remain on all the time. But the other unknown for me is if there is still a timeout either in the camera or its display unit that turns off the video. It's unknown if the camera is intended to run constantly. Possibly continuous operation will shorten it's life. But by engaging in conversation, you can enlighten us.

    I'd truly like to know. Everybody here knows I'm very opinionated. But the conversation around my opinions are how I learn, and my opinions do change and get modified by constructive discussion.

    But again, I am very sorry I offended you.

  • I monitor many forum conversations but keep my own participation to a minimum because it is seldom that a question is asked and a concise answer is given. The comments range all over the place but seldom answer the question.. I resort to asking a question on the forums only when the manual does not give me the directions I need or can't figure it out myself. I will sometimes jump in and attempt to help someone with a answer and if they request something more, try to answer that as well.

    Perhaps if you are trying to learn something about a overall subject you should form your statements into questions. instead of making statements.

    I have no idea if the camera will time out if left in the picture/video state and I'll probably never find out because I do not intend to use it that way. The camera can be wired one of two ways., one to a constant 12 volt source which gives you a icon in the upper right top of the setup screen (I thought it was going to be present in the map screen as well, but apparently that is not the case. When you press the icon the camera becomes active. Or, two it can be wired to a intermittent source such as the backup lights and I believe as soon as you place the vehicle in reverse the camera is activated with the 12 volts supplied to the backup light circuit. I did not even try to connect the camera to the backup light circuit because I have no desire to use it in that way If I wish to use it while backing, I can always activate it via the icon. During my initial test of the camera and transmitter/receiver installation. each time I connected the camera it automatically activated the camera (as I suppose the backup circuit would do).

    I elected to connect the camera to a circuit that is only active when the ignition is turned on.via a programmable Aux Switch on the dash of my RAM Truck. That way the camera will only be energized when the truck is running or the ignition is in the on position. That way the camera will not be energize all of the time and draining the battery down.

    The camera can be positioned anywhere on the rear of the camper to give the best field of view. It can also be adjusted more to your liking by moving it in the mounting bracket.
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