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What's status of handhelds with L2C?

I've been out of the high accuracy survey grade GPS business for quite awhile, like since 2008! I'm a bit disturbed that we don't have L2C stand alone handhelds now that are good to at least decimeter level 3D using CORS, WAAS, etc. What's out there on the horizon?


  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited April 2017
    That stuff is all above my pay grade. ;) But every now and then I have a look… The "affordable" ($1000-$2000) units from Trimble don't seem to offer much beyond what consumer devices have. There's a company called SXblue with an interesting line up, I like the idea of a bluetooth device that can work with any software on a phone or tablet.

    For high end consumer stuff, I reviewed the Garmin GLO here: and more recently here: But that will only get you 1 to 2 meter accuracy.

    Bad Elf has a bluetooth device they claim 1 meter accurate, but reading various user reports, it didn't sound much better than the GLO and was much more expensive.

    Around 2013 I remember reading consumer sub-meter devices were coming soon but I haven't seen any yet. But if you want decimeter, I think that still costs $5000 or $6000, doesn't it?

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