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DRIVESMART 6.1 multiple screens?

I have a Ford Transit Van with plenty of overhead display space. I want to utilize one or two more of these with a few BC-30 cameras and hopefully some informative displays. Trouble is it seems everything seems to accompany a map. For instance the "Trip information screen" described in the manaual doesn't seem nearly as flexible as on my Etrex for instance. With it I can have an entire screen of data no map! Any ideas folks? Thanks.


  • sussamb 798 Points
    What data do you want? Tap the speed button bottom left which brings up a full screen of data.
  • Do you mean on the map display where it is showing the current speed? I will give that a shot. I did do a short 25 mile trip & return today and when I got back in the van for the return trip I did see a screen showing only data, which was perfect. I snapped a photo of it on my phone, since I have no idea how to bring up a configurable screen like that from the UI. I don't see an "attachment" symbol on this forum menu but I do see a photo "url" symbol, do I have to post the photo online on one of my cloud spots first to see it here on the forum?
  • keweenawbee 0 Points
    edited April 2017
    Just another comment. Having the Etrex Vista for hiking and my motorcycle I was sort of expecting a similar UI allowing a series of configurable screens, did I buy the wrong unit? I don't see anything else from them for 2017 with this 7" screen, (other then the RV version for $100 more, whats up with that?)
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Yes, on the map screen ...
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    Yes, if you want to post a photo here it needs to be hosted somewhere else. Use the icon that looks like a little picture to enter the URL and it will appear in your post.

    The Garmin Automotive units are nothing like their outdoor/handheld models. Much less configurable and more simplistic. They have always been this way. The RV and trucking models use the same hardware as the automotive units but have special POI and features to alert the driver of roads with tight turns and low overhead clearance, etc.
  • Thanks Boyd I am catching on to this. I purchased the (2) $5 smartlinc premium add-ons which are Photolive and Weather Alerts. The Drivesmart acknowledged the Photolive but I haven't seen anything yet that indicates I have anything enhanced on the weather side, but I do see how I could divide the load between a couple of Drivesmart units for GPS mapping/driving, BC-30 duty, and the apps. One unit could have the entire route of the journey, while the other could do side routing jobs. I could only link one of the units at a time to the smart phone but probably could link the cameras to both or in any combination as long as not simultaneously. I would probably just have button presses to power the cameras to interrupt the screens. Maybe the RV unit would be a good 2nd choice given the unique programming that unit has.
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