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Nuvi 2598LMT-D : Favourite Categories : How are they deleted?

I recently deleted all the Favourites from my Nuvi. These had been assigned to various Categories.
I have now started to enter new Favourites and when I had entered 12 these old Category headings appeared in the first page of the favouites list. None of the new Favourites have been assigned to a category.

Should these old Category headings have been deleted automatically? I can't see a way of deleting them manually.

I have raised a query with Garmin Support but I am waiting a response and will be grateful for any advice from experienced users



  • sussamb 798 Points
    Favourite categories should only appear if there are favourites in those categories. If you're getting empty favourite categories that is very strange and I've not heard of it happening before. You may need to do a master reset.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited April 2017
    Have a look inside the GPX folder on the Nuvi. Is there a file named Temp.gpx there? If so the categories may have come from that file. You said that you "recently deleted all the Favourites" however if that file was present on the Nuvi, then your old data will just keep coming back. To fully delete favorites, delete ALL .gpx files from the Nuvi, start it up and then use the menus to delete any favorites. That should ensure that everything is really gone.

    If the categories keep coming back after that, then you could try the hard reset.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    True, I got the impression from the OPs post it was simply categories coming back, not favourites, but if it's favourites then extra gpx files will be the issue.
  • Hello, thanks for these replies.

    I am fairly sure that all the old favourites were deleted OK. After I had deleted them and then selected Where To/Favourites nothing was shown, including Category Headings.

    As I entered new Favourites they did show in the list and when I had entered 12 of them the old Category Headings appeared as well. ( I understand from the on device help screens that headings wont appear until 12 favourites have been entered, AND presumably at least 1 favourite has been assigned to a Category)

    If I select any of the old Category Headings it goes to a screen saying No Matches Found which I take to mean there is no Favourite assigned to the Category.

    None of my new Favourites are assigned to a Category.

    I will check the Temp.gpx file though but will it be there because of the new Favourites I have added? Is this file always generated?

  • Here is some extra info which might be relevant. In another forum SUSSAMB has advised me about .gpx files generated from Basecamp which I had sent to the SD card.

    I had assumed the Nuvi read these once, subsumed them into its Current.gpx file and then disregarded them on later boot ups. OR does it read them every time it boots up.?

    I will check the SD card also to see if there are any .gpx files there in case they might be the problem
  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited April 2017
    It will check any gpx files and merge any additional data into your favourites, it won't ignore them just because it's used them before, so if you have any gpx files either on your card or device that can cause issues. You however didn't mention deleted favourites returning but categories. If you have favourites returning that will definitely be due to additional .gpx files.

    temp.gpx isn't generated by your nuvi. It would have been put there by BaseCamp or some other program. As I explained in the other forum you should delete that file once your device has included the data it contains.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    If there are any .gpx files on the device or card, I'll bet that is the problem. ;)
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Me too :)
  • Hello Boyd and sussamb, thanks for your replies.

    I have now had chance to follow up your advice about gpx files.

    First I confirm that it is the Category Headings which are reappearing and NOT any of the deleted Favourites.

    I checked the SD card and there were 2 files in there, in the Garmin/GPX Folder, Route.gpx and Waypoint.gpx, these being inadvertently left there following transfer of a route from Basecamp.

    Now that I understand correctly your explanation that these will be read every time the Nuvi boots up I can see that the Nuvi would simply overwrite, with the same information, the Route info on the Nuvi so this would not be apparent to me and would look to me as if the Nuvi had ignored it. The Waypoint.gpx file which accompanies the Route file does cause Favourites to be added on the Nuvi ( but only those "points" of the route which are Waypoints, not shaping points, are included in this file)

    But to be certain these 2 files were not creating a problem I deleted them from the SD card. I checked other folders in the SD card and could see no other gpx files.

    I then checked the GPX folder on the Nuvi internal folders and only the Current.gpx file is there. I then checked the Nuvi operation again.

    First I made sure the Favourites list was empty. Then I added Favourites and when I had added 12, the old Category Headings reappeared.

    I deleted the favourites, powered down and removed the SD card, then powered up again added 12 favourites and the Category Headings reappeared.

    So it doesn't appear to be rogue gpx files causing the problem unless they are buried somewhere in the Nuvi file system.

    I am still waiting a response from Garmin Support but assuming the last resort will be a System Reset I suppose I will have to back up all my route (Trip) data first?

    I am experiencing another problem with my Nuvi/PC communication which may of course be unrelated to this favourites issue. When I plug the Nuvi into the USB port the computer doesn't always see it. I have to change the "MTP/Mass Storage settings" (Garmin Support previously advised this) and I'm not sure if the presence of the SD card makes this problem worse, I am still experimenting to sed if it connects consistently OK without the SD card in the device.

    So at the moment Basecamp can't see the Nuvi so I can't send any test routes over for further checks.

    Oh dear! Perhaps a system reset or card reformat is looking likely
  • Here's an update to my last post.

    The Nuvi/PC are communicating again so I sent a test Route from Basecamp to the SD card. The route has 4 waypoints and 2 shaping points.

    On boot up the route created a Trip on the Nuvi and added 4 Favourites (the waypoints).

    I then deleted the favourites on the Nuvi but left the files on the SD card. When I rebooted the Nuvi and checked the Favourites list it was still empty.

    So it appears the Nuvi did not read this Waypoints.gpx file again and repopulate the favourites list?
  • alanb 536 Points
    edited April 2017
    Does the 2589 have a sleep mode when you shut it off? Many of the newer nuvi's do, so you may want to try a full power shutdown/reboot. When the device is on, press and hold the power button until you get the prompt to shut down. Note that this is not the same as a system reset as it does not delete any user files, but it does do a more thorough job of reinitializing the software and reloading all files.
  • Thanks Alanb for your suggestion.

    I have been closing down the Nuvi completely i.e. waiting for the shut down prompt and then rebooting from that power off status. But the problem remains. Thanks
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited April 2017
    FWIW, I think the Nuvi always does a full reboot after it was connected to a computer.

    The way that waypoints/favorites are stored on the Nuvi has always been a bit of a mystery. The data is stored in protected memory that you cannot access or modify. Current.gpx is created as a copy of that internal data every time the Nuvi starts up.

    So apparently the favorite categories are stored internally just like the locations and there is no way a user can manually clear them. This brings us back to @sussamb's first suggestion, to do a hard reset. That is supposed to zero out all the internal data - but again, the whole thing is pretty mysterious.

    If that doesn't remove the categories then there's probably nothing you can do. Since I don't use categories, I have no idea if this behavior is similar on other models in the Nuvi series.
  • alanb 536 Points
    Just to be clear ... the shut down prompt you get when you remove power ("External power has been lost. Shut down in xx seconds" with a countdown timer and a Cancel button) is not a full power shutdown. You have to press and hold the power button to get the full power shutdown prompt which reads something like "Turn off the device?" with Cancel and Off buttons.
  • Thanks Boyd and Alanb for your comments.

    I can confirm that I shut down by holding the power button and waiting for the power off prompt
  • alanb 536 Points
    It sounds like a system reset is your final option. If that doesn't work I would contact Garmin Support by phone (not email).

    It is interesting that I have not seen this problem raised before in any of the forums I follow. I wonder if it is unique to the 2xx8 series.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Never seen it on my 2508.
  • Here's a further update regarding the way my Nuvi is operating.

    The test route I sent from Basecamp to the SD card placed 2 files, route.gpx and waypoints.gpx on the card. These generated a Trip within Trip Planner and 4 Favourites in the favourites list.

    As previously mentioned I left these files on the card but on the Nuvi deleted the 4 favourites. After a full power down and restart the favourites were not added again suggesting that the Nuvi "disregarded" the gpx files on the card.

    Today I deleted the Trip and after a power down/restart the Trip was not added again either.

    So unless it treats gpx files placed on the SD card differently to files placed directly on the Nuvi the system seems to know it should not process those files again on subsequent restarts.

    When I have some time later I might repeat this test placing the files in the Nuvi internal folder and see how it treats them after deleting the Favourites and Trip on the Nuvi.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    That's not my experience on all 3 of my devices that do routes. In fact one of the advantages of keeping a route/trip etc file sent from BaseCamp is that unless you delete the file then if you accidentally delete a route you wanted it'll be reloaded next time. I have a file named France.gpx on my device that includes (not surprisingly) the routes and favourites I use in France. In means that if I'm there and make an error I know the data will be reloaded.
  • Hello sussamb

    thanks for your feedback.

    I am still learning Basecamp so perhaps I am not transferring route info to the Nuvi correctly and I am curious to know how you created your gpx file naming it France and incorporating routes and waypoints all in the one file. Where do you keep that file on your device(s)?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    I have a folder named France in BaseCamp. All my routes and waypoints for France are contained there. I send them to the relevant folder on the card inserted in my device, then use Windows Explorer to rename it France.gpx
  • PercyVeer 2 Points
    Further to my last post I have experimented with Basecamp/Nuvi and here is how my Nuvi is working. This seems to to differ from the experience of sussamb in that the Nuvi only seems to read the gpx file(s) once and then disregard it/them on later start ups.

    Perhaps the operation I am seeing is linked to the re-occurring Favourite Category problem for which I started this thread. I have not yet done a Master Reset as I am still waiting a response from Garmin Support and have successfully loaded routes (Trips) for an imminent week away and I don't want to risk losing them until I come back.

    My Basecamp version is 4.6.2
    Perhaps I am not operating this software correctly.
    There seems to be more than one way to send data to the Nuvi i.e. via the Devices/Send to Device menu or the Edit/Send To menu. Also the gpx files sent to (or created on) the SD card are different to the file sent to (or created on) the Nuvi internal GPX folder.

    If I send data to the Nuvi internal memory it creates a single file called temp.gpx in the GPX folder. After transfer, the first time the Nuvi is powered up, Trips and Favourites are added in the Trip Planner and Favourites list respectively. If I delete these on the Nuvi, do a complete power down and restart, the Trips and Favourites are not added again on the Nuvi. The temp.gpx file is still there but it seems to be disregarded.

    If I send data to the SD card it creates 2 files, route.gpx and waypoints.gpx. After transfer Trips and Favourites are added on the Nuvi but when I have deleted these and power down/restart they are not added again. So these .gpx files on the card seem to be disregarded.

    As I have not yet had a response from Garmin Support and time constraints make a telephone support enquiry difficult for me to fit in, I expect that ultimately I will have to do a System Reset which if it solves the Favourites Category issue may change the way the Nuvi deals with .gpx files.

    But I thought I would post this just to confirm how my Basecamp/Nuvi combination is working.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Interesting. I must try this again on my devices. I guess it's possible that a software update has changed the behaviour so that the device ignores gpx files if their date/time stamp is prior to the date of current.gpx
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Just tried a series of experiments on my DriveSmart 50LMT-D and can confirm that at least on that model it works the same way as PercyVeer describes, in that it does not re-read the gpx file so deleted data stays deleted. This is definitely a change to how Garmin nuvis etc used to work, although I've seen nothing to indicate Garmin have made this change. For many I suspect it will be welcome, for some it won't :)
  • PercyVeer 2 Points
    Thanks sussamb for your info.

    I have now been in touch with Garmin Support who recommended the Master Reset as you did. I have now done that and it has fixed the re-occurring Favourite Categories problem.

    I rechecked the way the Nuvi treats gpx files and it is the same as before i.e. it only reads them once and disregards them on subsequent power ups.

    I see your point about this apparent change not being welcome to all as you had said it was useful in the event of accidental deletion of the route/waypoint data.

    So my unit seems to be working OK for the moment, thanks for your help. I will visit the forum as often as possible to keep up to date and to help others if I can

  • sussamb 798 Points
    Glad master reset helped.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    @sussamb, are you sure this is different from the older Nuvi? As I think about it, the Nuvi will re-import any .gpx files following a hard reset, but I don't know if it will re-import from those files if you simply delete your favorites, don't think I've ever tried that.

    My guess is that the new Drive models will also re-import all .gpx files following a hard reset.

    Funny that the problem was solved with a reset as we both suggested about 30 posts earlier. :D
  • PercyVeer 2 Points
    Thanks for your additional comments re the gpx files. I assume that after a hard (master?) reset, its a complete restart and the Nuvi will read the gpx files?

    Thanks also for your early suggestion to do a master reset which as a Nuvi novice I was nervous to do, not realizing how easy it was to do.

    Regards and thanks
  • PercyVeer 2 Points
    Hello Boyd and sussamb

    As I hadn't yet added any favourites I decided to try Boyd's point about gpx files being read after a reset.

    I added gpx files to the SD card and on power up Trips and Favourites were added. I deleted them on the Nuvi and then did a master reset. When the Nuvi powered up after the reset the Trip and Favourites were added again. So the gpx files were read after the reset.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    I think that behaviour has always been so.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Boyd said:

    @sussamb, are you sure this is different from the older Nuvi? As I think about it, the Nuvi will re-import any .gpx files following a hard reset, but I don't know if it will re-import from those files if you simply delete your favorites, don't think I've ever tried that.

    I'm sure I have but you've now got me thinking :)

    If I get time later I'll try it on my 1310.

  • alanb 536 Points
    But doesn't the 1310 have the old style route planner where you have to select "Import route from file" on the Tools>My Data menu? Or does the 1310 have the new style Trip Planner?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    It doesn't have either, I was just planning to see whether favourites kept coming back ;)
  • alanb 536 Points
    Ah ... yes. I guess it was only the 14xx series that had routes. sussamb, didn't you have a 1490 at some point in your Garmin history?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Yep :)
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