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Can't find bluetooth menu on Nuvi 2548

Just got this unit second hand and am trying to pair my phone with it. The instructions say go to settings > bluetooth but there is no bluetooth menu! Anyone any ideas?

I've done a factory reset and put on the latest updates with Garmin Express


  • Boyd 1980 Points
    edited April 2017
    What makes you think that the 2548 supports Bluetooth? I don't see it listed as a capability on Garmin's site:

    I think you should have bought the 2598 if you wanted Bluetooth:

    When you mention "the instructions", do you mean the user manual? Those are kind of a joke anymore, they only offer one manual to cover a whole series of devices that all have somewhat different capabilities. So I think the instructions are correct for the 2598 but they don't apply to the 2548.
  • OK - thanks. I guess reading the manufacturers instruction book for the device was a mistake!
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Not a mistake but the manual is for the device series 2407/2408/2507/2508 as per the front page. Also at the beginning of the Hands Free section it does say that this does not apply to all models, or for all languages and regions.
  • Boyd 1980 Points
    Recent Garmin manuals are pretty bad, which is a shame because the older ones were really great. But there is nothing wrong with reading them, as long as you understand the limitations. If there was any "mistake", it was purchasing a device without first checking the specifications on Garmin's website to be certain that it had the features you wanted.
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