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Navigation is not working

Model: Micromax Canvas P290 Tablet
App: Here WeGo (

I'm not able to use this app in my tablet. I set a location, it finds a route, and when it's time to start, it displays this message: "To use walk navigation, switch on GPS in your device settings."

'Location' is already 'on'. How else did it get my initial location.

Another way is if i tell it to drive there directly. Then it gives me this advice: "To use driving guidance, go to 'Settings' and switch to a mode that turns on the GPS in your device"

There is no GPS option, just a location option and that sure is switched on. Also, I'm able to use Google Maps, no problem there.

So can you tell me what exactly do I need to do. "a mode that turns on the GPS" I don't know what that is.

PS: New to android environment. I've a lot of locations saved in windows version of Here. I don't want to lose them.


  • sussamb 664 Points
    Does it have a GPS chip? It can get your location by other means.
  • adison024 0 Points
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    And sorry but, I'm not sure what exactly that is? Google Maps works fine (only online). That means it does have something that transmits it's location.
  • Boyd 1794 Points
    edited May 5
    Most likely your tablet doesn't have an internal GPS chip, If a device doesn't have a chip then it will use wifi to approximate your location, but if you have no wifi signal it won't know where you are. I don't use Android much anymore, but I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab that is a couple years old. On my tablet if I tap the Settings icon and choose the Connections category there is a location button.

    Tapping that shows a Mode button and when I tap that it shows three options: High accuracy, Power Saving and GPS only. If you don't see all these options on your tablet, then it doesn't have a GPS chip. It is possible to use an external GPS device that connects wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth however you must install some special software and change some system settings to get this working. There are a number of bluetooth GPS receivers, however they cost in the $80 to $100 range (last time I checked). If you just have a cheap tablet, it may not be worth the investment.

    Another issue is that the Google Play App Store will not even allow you to install a number of apps if your tablet doesn't have a built-in GPS chip. I found this out the hard way a couple years ago when I bought a tablet on sale and later learned it did not have an internal GPS. I ended up returning it and getting another tablet that did have a GPS.

  • sussamb 664 Points
    adison024 said:

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    And sorry but, I'm not sure what exactly that is? Google Maps works fine (only online). That means it does have something that transmits it's location.

    What Boyd says ^^^^

  • adison024 0 Points
    Okay, thanks for the reply. Really appreciate you helping me out.

    In the location settings, All I can see is an on/off toggle switch, and 'Mode'. Inside mode there's just one option of "Battery Saving". So I guess my device doesn't have the GPS chip.

    But it should still find my location through the wifi, right? Or is that too not possible? I'm just asking it again because Google Maps is using my location and is working fine.
  • sussamb 664 Points
    Yes, but some apps require a GPS chip. Those that do won't work without one.
  • Boyd 1794 Points
    edited May 6
    Using wifi for location can be hit or miss. The tablet doesn't receive actual data from satellites that show its location. Instead, it relies on a database of known wifi locations. Many places may not be accurate in that database or not there at all.

    But for real GPS functionality you need another tablet with an internal chip, or a bluetooth receiver. I see a Dual XGPS150A bluetooth receiver for $83 and a Garmin GLO for $99 at to give you an idea of what they cost.

    However, as previously discussed. even with a bluetooth receiver you will not be able to download or install a number of apps if your tablet doesn't have an internal GPS. This also applies to many apps that are not used for maps or navigation, but they require access to your location.
  • adison024 0 Points
    edited May 8
    Boyd and Sussamb, thanks for this discussion. I guess the 'Here WeGo' app is completely dependent on the GPS Chip, and hence won't work with my device.

    Thank You for this small piece of knowledge about the GPS Chip, seems like an important thing to consider when buying a new device, yet overlooked, at least by me.

    Thank you again.
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