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How to add points to custom POI's

Now I have my custom POI categories sorted on my Nuvi58 with all points in the correct categories, I am stuck again on how to add more. I seem to be able to add a favourite, but not add a point to my custom POI categories. Is it simple to do this as I can't find it in the manual.


  • sussamb 798 Points
    You can't simply add points to your POIs, that is really what favourites are for if you want to add points as you go along.
  • GarFin 11 Points
    Can you copy your favourites to the computer to add as POI's later?
  • GarFin 11 Points
    sussamb said:
    Bloody hell I need a science degree for that lol
    I'm struggling with this. I saved loads of favourites, and made some categories, but when I add a new location it does not allow me to choose a category, it goes into "All favourites" and gets lost with all of the other ones. Then you have to go try and find it and assign it a category.
    Maybe I'm doing this the wrong way? I would like to simply add locations as I come across them when travelling and categorise them so that I can search on the categories later?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    You can find any recent ones if you need to edit them in History.
  • Kevin_hutch 64 Points
    edited May 2017
    When you add a favourite, the quicker you edit it the easier it is to find, as all favourites will, by default show radiating from where your are.
    If you need to search later you need to define "search Near" or do a specific search for what it was filed as, then refile it into whatever category you wish, with whatever symbol you chose, not to mention the name of your choice.
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