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Etrex 20 map installing does not work

Hi folks

I recently bought on Etrex 20 and found a free highly detailed map of the Pyrenees. I can view in BaseCamp but when I download it the Etrex does not recognise the file.

I have tried re-installs and tried taking selections of the map in BaseCamp all failed.

The map is Topo Pireneos 8.0.

Has anyone resolved similar issues?

Is there something that I am missing?



  • sussamb 813 Points
    If it's showing in BaseCamp then I suspect something is wrong. How are you trying to install it into your Etrex? Where did the map come from?

    I've installed numerous free maps into Garmin handhelds, including an Etrex 20, and never had an issue.
  • jjeenn 0 Points

    The map came from and is virus free (everything well checked).

    To install I have followed the procedure in BaseCamp which now tells me that the map is installed. But as I said it doesn't get recognised by the Etrex.

    I have tried adding a portion of the map through BaseCamp again but with no success.

    Finally I tried to copy directly into the directory on the sad card.

    I can see the file on my pc but the Etrex does not recognise.

    Thanks for your time.


  • sussamb 813 Points
    edited May 2017
    Which procedure in BaseCamp?

    The way I do it is to right click my device and select Install maps, this opens MapInstall ... is that how you're trying?

    If so and you think the map is installed look in the Garmin folder on your Etrex, does the map file show there? Or did you install it to a SD card, if so is that card formatted FAT32?

    I assume from what you say that the map isn't showing in the map selection menu on your Etrex?
  • jjeenn 0 Points
    I tried to install using Mapinstaller, which tells me the map is installed (Maps - Install maps - ... ). MapInstall says that it is already installed. In file explorer I see the file on the sad card

    The card file SYSTEM IS exFAT. The Etrex can read gpx files from the sad card. Should I reformat the sad card?
  • sussamb 813 Points
    Yes, it needs to be FAT32
  • jjeenn 0 Points
    Thank you.

    Switched to a properly formatted sad card and all is well.


  • sussamb 813 Points
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