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POIs in "Garmin Discoverer 50K All v4" on GPSMAP64S

I've just bought a GPSMAP 64S, and it came with OS 1:50k maps on an SD card ("Garmin Discoverer 50K All v4"). The maps work, although (as noted in other questions here) they're raster rather than vector, so look a bit odd when zoomed in.

My problem is that associated with these maps on the SD card seem to be a bunch of not-very-accurate POIs, including for places that closed years ago. I don't need the POIs (I use OpenStreetMap data for those) and it'd be great to be able to disable the POIs from the SD card but still keep the maps (to disable both I can just remove the card, of course).

Disabling the map via "setup / select map / disable" _does_ disable the map, but not the POIs. The POIs aren't on the SD card as individual .gpi files; they've been encoded into a gmapsupp.img (which is on the SD card with associated .gma and .unl files).

I'm expecting the answer is "you can't" since I've just asked Garmin support and that's what they said, but thought it worth asking here in case anyone can think of a workaround.



  • sussamb 829 Points
    For once Garmin support are correct ;)
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited May 2017
    I don't have a 64s but there should be a setup menu item to disable the display of map points. For example, on my Montana I would press Setup > Map > Advanced Setup > Zoom Levels > Map Points > Off

    This should prevent any of the points from showing, so you could use Waypoints (which have a separate setting) to display any of your own data. Of course, you would have to create a .gpx file with the waypoints you want to display, and it will be subject to the limitations of your device . You might also be able to use custom POI's for this (.gpi files), not sure since I have never used them myself.

    That's the only workaround that I can think of - aside from using a different map ;)
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Good thought, hadn't considered that as it's been so long I played with my settings.
  • It was worth a try, but "Setup > Map > Advanced Map Setup > Zoom Levels > Map Points > Off" doesn't remove the duplicates (but removing the SD card does).

    As an aside I've just noticed that the old Mansfield bus station is listed (the new one opened in 2013) so the data's pretty old...
  • ... and what I should have said above as well was thanks to both for replying! I'll try and keep an eye open for a possible solution and will post back here if I find one.
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