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Any new developments on the Google Earth vs Mapsource/Basecamp incompatibility?

As I've been attacking (almost literally :-) ) BaseCamp, I still can't get it to play with Google Earth.
I've tried the uninstall/reinstall Google Earth route. No joy.
I'm a little reluctant to revert back to an older version of Earth* (assuming that'll work anyway.)
And I've tried the method of manually starting Earth before firing up BaseCamp, which seems to be widely successful...Except in my case.
*Actually, I don't have the latest version of BaseCamp, due it's reliance on Windows Media Player.

Incidentally, Google Earth won't show in MapSource either.

That's where I'm at for now based on my searching.

Are there any easy fixes that have come up that I may have missed?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    Not new but I've been posting this for a while, should fix your problem.

    From the Command Prompt, and signed in as an Administrator, type the following as applicable and press ENTER:
    (Make sure you are in the C:\ root directory)

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth Pro\client\googleearth.exe" /RegServer (works with Google Earth Pro in Win 7...10)

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth Pro\client\googleearth.exe" /RegServer (Google Earth Pro in XP)

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe" /RegServer (Google Earth in XP)

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe" /RegServer (Google Earth non-Pro on Win 7, 8.x and 10)

    Note if you're not used to using the command line in Windows, the double quotes in all of the examples are critical. They MUST be there and in the indicated places or you'll get an error that the directory name is invalid. It won't harm anything; it simply won't work.
  • menhir 112 Points
    I came across the first three commands you listed several times but not the last one for Google Earth non-Pro on Win 7, which is the one I would need.

    Thanks. :-)
  • menhir 112 Points
    From the root directory, when I enter the command -cut and paste-, I get the following response:

    "The system cannot find the patch that is specified"
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Then check where googleearth.exe is installed on your PC and adjust as necessary. Also note you must be running as Administrator.
  • menhir 112 Points
    Yes, I was running as Administrator...
    I checked the path, Google Earth is installed here:
    "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe"

    Which means the command you suggested should work, but I get the same result as above. Flummoxed.
  • menhir 112 Points
    GOT IT!

    This command did the trick...

    "c:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe" /RegServer

    ...even though I'm running Windows 7.

    Now I can access Google Earth with both MapSource and BaseCamp. :-)
  • sussamb 798 Points
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