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Garmin Drivesmart 51 Question

Just bought this unit. I've gotten lost twice. Is there any way to initiate an audible recalculating phase????? if I take a wrong turn? .I've downloaded all the new maps. Requested a location.....and, to be directed to... the Post Office right on my gave me a listing of every post office in South Florida, except the one on my corner???? I get lost very easily. Last thing I need is more help getting lost, from this GPS. Please there any thing I'm doing wrong? Also....when it calculates a takes me way out of my way? I tried asking it to take me home, which was a mile in a half straight drive from where I was. I positioned myself directly on the right road, just to see what it would do. It started taking me right off the road and into some neighborhood streets, many turns, etc. I just got disgusted and drove myself back to where I should have been. Is there a ask it to take the shortest distance between two points. Who needs to waste gas????!!!!!!!! Again thanks for any help I can can get, and for anyone's time.


  • Boyd 1980 Points
    For starters, I would do a hard reset (sometimes called "master reset") on the GPS, this sounds like the kind of strange behavior that can be cleared with one. Have not used a new "Drive" model, but I suspect it is the same as the procedure listed for the Nuvi 50 series here:

    Regarding an audible "recalculating" notice, I think Garmin removed that feature long ago. We have discussed this before:
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Before you try the master reset check both avoidance and routing settings. You might also want to turn off TrafficTrends and check your traffic avoidance options in case either of those are affecting your route. I have a DriveSmart 50 and have had no unexpected routing issues.
  • Boyd.....Thank you so much for taking the time to try and help me. I will try everything you said. I'm sooo sick of always being lost, lol. I would like to feel secure for a change, that I will arrive at my destination, without an 'I'm lost' drama'. There are times that I just decline to go somewhere I've never been because of this.
  • sussamb....Thanks so much for taking the time to try and help me. I will do as you said. Hoping that this will help, and that I won't get lost anymore, lol. I can't find my way out of a paper bag.
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