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Garmin Nuvi285W does not update distance remaining

I am having this issue ever since updating to the latest software about 6 weeks ago. The map displays properly, but sometimes does not show the proper distance remaining when approaching a point. The map shows that my bumper is on the intersection that I should turn at and I am, indeed, there. However the GPS still says I have 0.8 miles to go.

This has happened at several intersections, but not all. Once I make the turn, the GPS then calculates the next part of the route seemingly correctly.


  • sussamb 827 Points
    Wow. Surprised there was an update for a 285.

    First action would be to try a master reset to see if that cures the issue.
  • Dan_NC 0 Points
    Is that where you put your thumb on the lower right side while turning it on? Yes, I did that. It did no solve the issue.

    Yes, I know it's an old unit. I use it 2-4 times a year. :)
  • alanb 555 Points
    edited May 2017
    From what I can find the last software update on the 2x5 and 2x5W models was on Sept. 2 2015 ... version 7.80:
    Of course if you haven't checked for updates in the last couple of years, that could be a "new" update for your device.

    And from what I have read about the 2x5 series, it had some of the most stable and reliable software of all Garmin models. So I agree with sussamb ... try a master reset.
  • Dan_NC 0 Points
    I did a master reset (or at least I think I did - is that the right thumb thing I mentioned in my first post). When I connected 6 weeks ago, it said it was updating maps and software. The maps don't show the recent detours due to construction, but I have a low expectation on that from Garmin.
  • alanb 555 Points
    If you got the prompt to "Erase all user data" and answered yes, then you did a master reset.
  • Dan_NC 0 Points
    Yes, I did do that a couple of weeks ago. It happened again today. 0.8 miles to go until I made the turn at the intersection. It likes that 0.8 mile figure for some reason. Thanks for responding
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