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CN North America 2018.20 avaible now

Installed on my Nuvis 3597 and Drivesmart 60 using Garmin Express without a problem.


  • werewolf 112 Points
    edited May 2017
    My Garmin 276C can't use Garmin Express. I must use Garmin Map Updater, but it only shows 2018.1. Always a problem...
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    Lots of new roads on this update. They were busy.
  • werewolf 112 Points
    I just wasted one hour and 19 minutes on my cell phone with Garmin and what they - the high muckety muck (the first Garmin rep's own words) - wound up telling me was the same thing they tried to tell me two years ago - I can't update the maps on my Garmin 276C and the lifetime maps I bought were only for the lifetime of the device which they declare is now over, reason being my device doesn't have enough room for the new maps, which is a totally spurious explanation because I have always installed the maps directly to my computer and from there moved the maps I needed to the 276C and it has plenty of room for the maps I need.
  • werewolf 112 Points
    Oh - The Garmin man said that they are temporarily offering a 20% discount if I buy another GPS from them, but that doesn't apply to new and hot selling items. Any suggestions on something not new and not too hot that might replace my 276C which I mainly use for road driving but also off the road into the desert?
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