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Bizarre 62s problem

Sent my Garmin 62s to Garmin for a screen change. They sent me back a new device. I began to download my maps onto it and the computer suddenly stopped recognizing it. Garmin gave me some advice on how to get the device recognized again, but it was something that had never happened to the previous device and I was a bit concerned. Anyhow I put the device away and 4 days ago I arrived in Italy in the mountains and started using the device with the downloaded Garmin supplied map. Shock horror it keeps saying it has lost its power supply and would I like to continue on battery power, after which, irrespective of what I do, it switches off. This happens continuously, sometimes every minute, other times it might last 30 minutes. I have changed batteries and battery types to no avail, also did a reset. Three emails to Garmin and no response. Today I realized that at nights it stays on longer, as it also does in the early morning. Today at 6am it would last as long as 10 minutes before powering off, from 8am up to about 11am I was on a very cold glacier and the Garmin stayed on! When the sun became too intense and the temperature rose it started powering off. However, if I shoved it into the snow for 5 minutes then i could get it to work for hours afterwards. Later in the evening I found that when I left the backing plate off the Garmin worked ok. Definitely appears that the problem is temperature related. I am desperate as I changed the screen glass and brought the map especially for this trip of 14 days, off which I am now entering the 4th day. I am really starting to feel resentment against Garmin. Any help appreciated.
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