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Where did the JCV pictures go after the 2018.20 map update?

After updating my 3597 to 2018.20 I noticed that I appear to see fewer Junction Views than I remember with previous map releases. I have a few simulated routes that I use to check out various things in any new map update and most of them involve checking where Junction View pictures appear on my route.

One of the shorter routes I use is from E University Dr in Mesa Arizona to Sky Harbor Airport in Pheonix/Tempe. In previous map updates/JCV files there was one view shown in that route, as shown here:


After installing 2018.20 on both a 3597 and a 3790 here is what I see simulating the same route:





I also have an other simulation from Dufferin St in North York Ontario to the Pearson Airport in Toronto which on older map releases I'd see 3 or 4 Junction View pictures. After installing 2018,20 I see ZERO pictures but at least there are a couple of "active lane assist" displays. Although I haven't really check this out yet, I does appear that I'm seeing more detailed and frequent Lane Assist arrows in the upper left corner of the map screen than in prior map versions but, at least for me, I'd rather have the JV pics.

I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing the decrease in Junction Views with 2018.20, like I am.


  • t923347 406 Points
    edited May 29
    In addition, the correct JCV file( D3191230A) for 2018.20 is installed in the JCV folder on both units.
  • alanb 375 Points
    edited May 30
    This must be a localized situation. I checked out a 1900 mile test route from my home to Orlando that I have saved on my 3597. I then restored the 2018.10 map and checked the same route. In both cases I got the same 19 junction views.

    Interestingly with 2018.20 on my old 855 (with large JCV) I get 27 junction views on the same trip!
  • t923347 406 Points
    OK thanks. I plugged in a route from Des Moines, IA to Orlando and got 19 views but it's strange that a route in Ontario Canada and one in Arizona have fewer views than previous map releases. I noticed the JCV file for 2018.20 was a bit smaller than the one in 2018.10 which may account for some of the difference I guess.
  • alanb 375 Points
    edited May 30
    One thing I noticed is that the animated views which are not part of the JCV file don't seem to show when browsing through the turn directions. I am not sure that there are any animated views on my test route but I would guess there are and that may account for the different number of views between the 3597 and 855 large static JCV. In other words, the 855 may show a static view where the 3597 will show the animated view in actual navigation. If that is the case, maybe Garmin has added some additional animated junctions in 2018.20 where the 3597 used to display static views.
  • t923347 406 Points
    edited May 31
    I think you may have hit on something alanb. Just to be sure we are using the same terms, I've assuming that by using the words "animated views" you are referring to what Garmin calls "Active Lane Guidance" which is the rolling view which moves down the highway and highlights the lane you should be driving in to make the next turn/maneuver.

    To test your theory I entered a tighter version of my North York Ontario simulated route (3500 Dufferin Ave, North York ON to Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 3 Departures. Address was selected using Where to - Address, after setting North York as my location and the airport using Where to - Categories - Public Transportation - Airports.)

    On my 3790 which doesn't support Active Lane Guidance I see 5 Junction View pictures while following the actual simulated route on the Nuvi's map screen. I also see the same static JCV pictures if I browse through the turn directions.

    Running this simulated route on my 3597 I see ZERO static JCV pictures while following the actual simulated route on the Nuvi's map screen but where I'd see the static pics on the 3790 I see Active Lane Guidance views in all 5 of the places. If I simulate the route again and this time only browse through the turn directions I see 2 of the 5 views as static pics and ZERO Active Lane Guidance.

    This would seem to confirm that Junction Views are not displayed when browsing a simulated route's turn directions if there is an Active Lane Guidance display available to replace the View picture. Although I'd rather see the static pictures, at least it explains why I'm seeing less of them than I had in prior map versions.
  • alanb 375 Points
    Thanks for confirming my suspicions Rick. I had planned to test it, but it is kind of a time consuming process, so I didn't get it done.

    I agree with you . I prefer that they would leave the static views (and the multiple lane guidance arrows in the upper left corner) in place and get rid of the active lane guidance.
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