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Drive Smart 61LMT-S Nice unit..

I bought the 61Drive Smart S...really nice job ..between all the apps and screen,etc. I adapted it to fit my Ram mounting off my dash so it sit's at the same spot my Dezl 760 sat.. I will miss my Ram powered Cradle system with the Dezl and 2797 I use.. but still I'm offing the 2797 and keeping the Dezl and 61 Drivesmart.
No issues setting it up or updating via wifi and sending all my files from Mapsource.. changed the MTP settings to work with MS same way as the other units.. press and hold speed icon.. Same or similar menu functions as the 2797... I have it paired with the S5 Galaxy and only use the Smartlink for weather,traffic,etc. and no phone use. I have Sync Fords hands free which I like. And I'm glad the Garmin gives me a choice to not use one or the other while paired as it interfered with my Sync while Phone was paird and active in the 61.
I think the speaker is a bit tinny and not as good as my Dezl I swear.. But I love the new glass screen with very bright and vivid colors finally in 7in.
I only wish like it had a "Where too" in the tool box with the other tools. The 2797 didn't either.. again very similar menus. More work to go way back to main menu.. they have the "Stop' route in the tools..why not "Where too".. anyway I'll take this over a phone any day. With Smartlink which I'm not familiar with yet seems it may have some use along the way.. but my main use is Navigating to and from most places also storing customers files with location, phone,address,email etc.


  • mike41 38 Points
    I also have a 61 Drive Smart. I prefer it to my I phone. The 61 is a very good device. My question is do you receive traffic information on your device? After a recent update to the Smart Link app, I only receive traffic occasionally on the Drive Smart device
  • truckinguy 116 Points
    I will know this coming Sunday.. I live in Northern NH. no traffic here.. and will post back Monday.. I have one issue.. The green hearts show on my map screen when driving. They are my self made favorites. I have many in one area due to business customers..they clutter and are an annoyance.. I found when I press the icon up comes the info and when I return to the screen they are gone. But if I move off that screen for any reason when I return they show back up.. Any suggestions? I think it's a software glitch as I have the settings for showing on off.
  • I have just got the same unit. However, today it tried to route me along a road that has been closed to traffic (by bollards) for some years. Does Garmin have a similar feature to TomoOm Mapshare for reporting changes?
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Not sure about similar but try
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    When I had a TomTom Go a number of years ago, there was a way to mark roads that are closed (or nonexistent) on the GPS itself. Then the next time you connected the GPS and used their software, the data was sent back to TomTom. Garmin doesn't have anything like that. :)
  • alanb 557 Points
    In addition to reporting the error to Garmin or Here maps, you can also set it as a custom avoidance on your DriveSmart 61 and that should prevent it from using that road in routing.
  • Of course that works when you're in an area you're familiar with. That would be annoying on a long trip in unfamiliar territory.
  • truckinguy 116 Points

    Of course that works when you're in an area you're familiar with. That would be annoying on a long trip in unfamiliar territory.

    These gps units have always sent us off on wrong roads or odd have to be careful. Still better then maps.
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