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How to save a location to a specific category

I have a Nuvi 2595 and i would like to save an address to the transit category. I drive for a local business that delivers to up to 50 unique addresses, and i would like to not enter the addresses every time i drive the route. How do i save the unique address to the 'transit' category instead of the 'all saved places' ?


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Initially you can't, but having saved it you can open it and edit it by tapping the 3bar icon top left. Note you can only assign categories once you have 12 or more saved places.
  • Ramaprem 110 Points
    You can create any number of (custom) categories - with any name(s) of your choosing.

    Even after addresses have been saved - and are in "all saved places" - the item can be edited, and assigned to an additional category.

    So those addresses will be in both the All Saved and your newly created "Transit" category.
    They cannot be removed from All Saved; that - kind of - isn't a "category".
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