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Navi 1450 shutting off

After driving four hours my 1450 began to shut off saying external power disconnected and then said low battery. hit thee leave on button and all is well for awhile then it will happen agin. This went on for four days but always got us to where we wanted to go. When I got home plugged it into AC and let it charge for three hours then tried it and the same thing happened with it plugged into AC, Aney suggestions on what may be wrong. Is it reached it sell by date and should I look for another unit. I never use it on battery only always have it plugged into the auto. Does the battery need to be changed, would a bad battery cause this problem?


  • alanb 541 Points
    edited June 2017
    Yes, a battery can cause the problem as the device can draw more power for charging plus operation than the power cord can provide. So if you have a really flat battery or a worn out battery that won-t accept a charge, it can exhibit the behavior you describe. You can get a replacement battery for about $20 and replace it yourself. The hardest part is getting the case open, but there are videos that show how to do it.

    The other things that could cause the problem you describe are a bad power cable or worst case, a bad USB port or charging circuit on the nuvi itself.
  • Thanks for the reply, it is not the power cord as I tried a new one and had the same problem. Will look for a battery and then a video on how to change it.
    Once again, thanks for the reply and information.
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