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Need your help ASAP Custom POI will not allow to GO

Hi All,
Leaving shortly for a long trip. Have a Garmin 2595LMT that I have the latest maps, firmware and has been working flawlessly.
Today I installed a small amount of Custom Poi using the latest Windows version POI loader which I also have used many times without any issue.

Now after a good loading into the GPS with only CSV files that only take up a small amount of space when I go to Custom POIs I see the file but when I select the individual poi address it shows up with information but no long able to GO.
The button is there but not highlighted so I can not select it to GO.

I have verified the POI Loader software install.
I have deleted the POI file and downloaded it again and install again with no problem.
But I'm still unable to select and GO using one of the locations in the Custom POI file.
I have tried other CVS files with the same results.
I have also reset the GPS to factory defaults with the same issue.

Have I missed something?

Any help with be greatly appreciated.


  • iggy 96 Points
    Solved my own problem.
    If you change the name of any CVS file with a number Garmin considers that a Speed Alert.
    What I did was number my poi files 1 - 10 and that is why they never showed up as a destination and couldn't go.

    Here is the overview information I found.

    No "Go" Button
    You probably have a file name that contains a number. Since POI Loader interprets numbers in file names as a speed alert, remove the number to get the "GO" button.

    Garmin says:
    If you have loaded any custom POI's that are speed or red-light cameras, you will notice that you will not receive an option to hit 'Go' to those locations.

    This is designed to operate this way. The custom POI locations for such cameras will start with a number, and if it starts with a number, the software will read it as speed or red-light cameras.

    Such locations would not be selected as destinations to travel, but just areas to be alerted of, which is the reasoning behind this design.

    We are assuming that if a user has the Garmin Cyclops safety camera file that the above Garmin statement holds true.

    NOTE, however, that several devices like the 2455, 2595 and the 2597 will indeed "route" you to one of the poi-factory's redlight cameras but not speed cameras. AND, a 765 will route you to both of poi-factory's redlight and speed cameras. We will be testing other devices to see which will route. Thanks to Charlesd45 for finding the fact that some devices will route to poi-factory camera files.

    If you have used a number because you wanted to control the "order" that the POI files will take when viewed, use starting letters instead.
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