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Garmin drive smart 51

I bought my garmin drive smart 51 because of the lane assist . Now it seems to be a baby in dipers it is only available on major high ways .What a flop . They don't tell you that if you buy a garmin . Of course the screen is nicer and updating is easy with wifi and they are faster .
But if there is no lane assist , my old nuvi 255 does a better and clearer job . And in hind site do you really want to be pestered with phone calls and e mails on your screen if you are concentrating on your road directions???
And my old nuvi 255 has a battery live of 4 hours so I used it in towns and walks to mark my starting point so that I could always find my car back .


  • sussamb 765 Points
    Lane assist and junction view are available on more than just major highways, but it's true they aren't universal so don't cover every possible junction.
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