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Using my laptop for powering my GPS

Nuvi 2797
Can I use my laptop for a power source to run my Garmin ? I have tried with the Garmin cable and other cables but I always a message to use a Garmin cable ( which I have )...



  • Boyd 1749 Points
    You would need a power-only cable. Typical computer USB cables have extra wires that tell the GPS it's connected to a computer. Even then, I gather that newer Garmin devices are more particular about what you connect them to, as witnessed by the message you saw (an old model probably would not complain about this).

    Also, a computer USB port does not provide as much amperage as a power supply so it might not be able to charge the GPS battery fast enough to meet Garmin's operating requirements.
  • rphillipchuk 83 Points
    Is there a specific cable I need to plug in and use in the house ? Wall Wart ?
  • Boyd 1749 Points
    edited June 13
    This is the power adapter that Garmin recommends for the 2797:

    I have a Garmin adapter that was included with one of my GPS'es (number PSAC05R-050) that works with everything I have tried. Not sure if they make it anymore.

    Cheap third party adapters will often work, but it can be hit or miss. If you try one of these, purchase it from a local store that allows easy returns/exchanges just in case.
  • rphillipchuk 83 Points
    Thanks Boyd
    Appreciate the help
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