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Roadmate 3030-LM Updates

I am posting this as a heads up for anyone going through the painful process of updating a Roadmate 3030 LM(lifetime maps). Originally the program I was using was the "content manager" from Magellan,
that has been replaced with an internet web page that now has taken me in excess of 2 days to get it to work (insufficient space).(
My quick fix was this after reading a post on here about files being downloaded onto my pc in the following location "C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Temp\ContentManager\mapupdate\2015_Map_Upgrade_v61_06_USCAN_A"
In the location on my pc there is a "setup file" running this file has fixed my Roadmate 3030-lm.
No guarantees, but it helped me!
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