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Traffic Cable vs Smartphone Link

I am the new owner of a Garmin Drivesmart 61. I have a GTM 60 traffic cable on order. I am now using the Garmin Smartphone Link which seems to work fine. What does the GTM 60 do that the Smartphone Link does not and/or vice versa. I got the cable to save data on my smartphone. At least that was my logic. Is one better than the other and if so why? Also can they be used in tandem to create additional benefit or does that create confusion for the electronics.


  • alanb 397 Points
    edited June 2017
    I think you will find Smartphone Link Traffic superior in both accuracy and coverage compared to the HD traffic with the GTM-60. I have both on my nuvi 3597LMTHD and there is no HD coverage at all in my local driving area, but the Smartphone Link coverage is quite good.

    The main advantage of HD traffic with the GTM-60 is that it doesn't need a cellular signal, the smartphone, or its data allotment. However wherever there is no cellular signal you will find that there is no HD traffic coverage either.
  • mike41 6 Points
    I have a Drive Smart 61 with the traffic cable and also the Smart Link app. Traffic is terrible. It shows traffic on the app but very seldom on the Drive Smart device. I am in areas where traffic service is available. Garmin support has been no help.
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