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camera function failure

My Nuvi 2798 LMT does not display the backup camera. I tried to pair, but backup screen does not come on, not even lines. I replaced cable but still no backup screen. Can the firmware be corrupted, could I reload the firmware?


  • alanb 557 Points
    Your best option is to call (not email) Garmin support even if your 2798 is out of warranty. Most people get good results when they call Garmin support ... not so much with email.
  • maintech 0 Points
    I phoned Garmin, and was told that the firmware is least likely to have a bug. They recommend I ship the screen to Laval QC and have it tested. If the PND mount that fits to the suction cup is faulty, then I have to return the entire system, and then they will check it out. Than means another $340 to reinstall, pulling of panels, trim, pulling out the power cord which was buried beneath the center console. Their tech Brandon, suggested that I locate another Nuvi 2798 LMT owner and try my screen on their mount, to see if the paring request appears. If it does, the mount is defunct, if not, its the screen. If anyone out there has one of these and lives within 100km I'd like to hear from you. Appreciate support and assistance.
  • t923347 532 Points
    A 100KM from where?
  • maintech 0 Points
    oops, Toronto, On.
  • maintech 0 Points
    I located a helpful authorized dealer in Toronto, on Eglinton Ave W. I took the display and the PND mount. We tried to get the pairing screen with another PND mount, but afterwards I remembered that we did not use the powercord but the battery. Would that make a difference? Garmin have offered to replace the GPS display if I mail the old one back. Has anyone needed to get theirs replaced due to a bad camera screen?
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