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Sad news about JaVaWa (author of GMTK)

Boyd 2027 Points
edited June 2017 in GPS Discussions
This message appears on his website.

"Recently I have had a stroke. This means I will not be able to respond in the near future. I hope you will understand this."

There's a little more information in Dutch on the homepage. Here is a Google translation

"In November 2016 I was attacked by a stroke. It's going to be a lot better with me, but it has lasting consequences for, in particular, the programs found on my site. In the past, I was often late to program late in the evening, but it's over now. It takes too much mental effort. The software remains available, but no updates will appear.
Especially the Mac users will suffer from this (myself too), as the programs (in most cases) are no longer working under Mac OS Sierra and newer.

I'm sorry, but unfortunately it's no different. I hope you can understand this."


What a shame, I hope he is recovering. His outstanding software is used by people all over the world.
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