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Garmin 2797

I am in Windsor Ontario and I am planning a trip to go to Sask, Alberta and Manitoba...... I am struggling to put some routes down..... Is it possible to save Addresses and then just plan a route as needed ? Can I save addresses ?

Thanks for any advice given


  • t923347 533 Points
    edited June 2017
    Hopefully I can assists you. I'm originally from London ON and now live on Vancouver Island so I've created many of the routes you will need over the years. :)

    Saving addresses is one of the features that is available on any Garmin Nuvi and on all newer models you can create routes using these addresses directly on the device or by using Garmin Basemap software. The full users manual for the 2797 can be download at:

    On page 2 you'll learn how to search for a location (which includes and address) and on page 3 it explains how to save that location. A route, using those saved locations can be created directly on your Nuvi using the "Trip Planner" function which is also explained in the manual.
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