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Which Garmin Nuvi model supports custom routes?

I've searched ALL GPS related websites and can't find an answer to this question:

What Garmin Nuvi supports custom routes created in Basecamp and then downloadable to the GPS? The route followed MUST be the same as the one created. I require a 5" screen with a non-powered mount.

Thanks much...Dan


  • alanb 557 Points
    edited July 2017
    I believe all the Garmin Drive models support saved routes (now called Trips). However, AFAIK, all nuvi's and Drive models that support route import recalculate the route when it is imported or selected to navigate. You have to make sure you have enough via and shaping points to preserve the route when it recalculates. As far as powered mounts, in the Drive series, the two DriveLuxe models are the only two that have powered mounts.
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    If you look at any of the current models on Garmin's site, click on the specs tab and scroll down to the bottom. If it says "trip planner" under the "Additional" heading then it supports custom routes. AFAIK, all current Garmin automotive devices have this capability (in the past that was not the case).

    As for your requirement of the routes being exactly the same... good luck! ;) @sussamb and a few others have experience with the new devices and seem to be pretty happy about this. However in the past, there were a lot of problems.
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    BTW, it appears that the Nuvi series is completely gone now. They are not even listed under the "Previous Models" section of Garmin's site:
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Provided the route isn't recalculated I find my DriveSmart follows the exact route. Only if it is recalculated for some reason might there be a difference, but even then I find it's normally true to the original although this depends on settings. For example one route I use regularly in France avoids toll roads at first, then takes me along a toll road but then avoids toll roads. If my Drive is set to avoid toll roads and I recalculate while on the first part the route will avoid the toll road.
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