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How Times Have Changed

While looking at my account today I stumbled across the sales pages for my very first Nuvi back in 2005. Look at the price I paid for that thing compared to the DriveLuxe50 I got a couple of weeks ago. All prices are in Canadian Dollars:




  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited July 2017
    Crazy, isn't it? I paid $1000 for my StreetPilot 2620 in 2004! OTOH, $260 is a lot to pay for something a smartphone can do for much less. >:)
  • mike41 38 Points
    Last I looked an I Phone cost $749. Then I have to keep having issues with accepting texts and calls etc when I am traveling. The Garmin is there in view when I start the car.

    Also, the map on my phone doesn't work in many areas of western Pa and central Virginia Weak or no cell coverage. I have Garmin apps on the phone but Garmin drive 61 is better.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited July 2017
    Use whatever you prefer, I still have a Nuvi 3550 that I keep in the glove box for a backup, also a Dezl 760 plus a bunch of old ones in the closet. There are many apps that install the full map on the phone just like a Nuvi. I don't know what "Garmin apps" you have on your phone, but the StreetPilot app does not require any cell service (unless you want traffic or live search). It basically turns your phone into a Nuvi.

    It could be much better, but Garmin has intentionally crippled it in some ways so it doesn't compete too fully with their devices. They know the days of the dedicated GPS are coming to an end and want to milk every last cent out of them while they can. They also price it rather high, although still less than half the cost of @t923347 's Drive50.

    TomTom seems to "get" the idea of an app better than Garmin. Theirs includes maps of the whole world that you download and install on the phone and they charge $20/year. You could go a lot of years before that costs as much as dedicated unit.

    The price of the phone is irrelevant to me, because I am going to always have it with me anyway. As far as texts and calls coming in... Garmin makes a big deal of their features that link the phone to your GPS so you can make calls and receive texts. I've read that the upcoming version of iOS will have a special "car mode" where you can disable all this stuff though.

    Look, it's fine if you like your Nuvi and don't want to use a phone - nothing wrong with that. But the argument that a phone app doesn't work without cell coverage is just wrong,
  • johnward 40 Points
    Talking about prices. I am a bottom feeder. I use ebay for my purchases. A tomtom go 60 for a total of $ 10.79 delivered. Another coming for $ 16.00 delivered today. Usually from sellers who know nothing about gps and their peculiarities . They don't understand that many gps don't hold a battery charge for long, or just have to be charged to function properly. My gain their loss.
  • Prices keep coming down. Expected life of the unit keeps going down. Bells and whistles keep getting added but when it comes to simply choosing a sensibe route to a destination the units are getting stupider.
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