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Cleaning Faceplate

My Nuvi 2595 faceplate has gotten lots of fingerprints and i would like to clean them off every so often. My faceplate has also gotten some 'scratches' that are not so nice to look thru, and when i say scratches, they are more in the category of 'mars', just don't like looking at them. What does the Nuvi community use to remove the fingerprints and the 'mars'?


  • t923347 405 Points
    Don't know about the "mars" but using a dry microfiber cloth takes the fingerprints off pretty easily. Never put liquid (water etc.) directly on the screen. You can spray a little water on a cloth if need be but I find a dry cloth works just fine.
  • Boyd 1749 Points
    edited July 18
    Have a look at these products, I have been using them on all kinds of screens for many years and they are very well regarded:
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