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Garmin 2598LMTHD does not recognize microSDHC cards

I have tried four different microSDHC cards, but Garmin Express doesn't recognize them, and always gives this message: "Device storage 85% full. 1.17 GB free. Internal storage is almost full. You may want to purchase a memory card for this device to ensure sufficient space for future updates.”

I presently have a 16GB, class 2 Sandisk card. Higher grade cards have been:
**32GB class 10 UHS-1
**32GB class 10
**32GB class 4


  • alanb 543 Points
    edited July 2017
    What makes you think Express doesn't recognize the card? The message you see is just a warning that a SD card may be needed for the next map update.

    Express makes no indication for the existence of a installed card, but when you do a map update it will use it if the map files will not fit in internal storage. As long as the files will fit, no indication is given and the card will not be used.

    When you have the card installed in your device and plug the device into your computer, if the installed card can be accessed through the computer, all is well.

    Note that the SD cards must be formatted FAT32, not NTFS or ExFat.
  • DeanE 10 Points
    Thanks alanb. Express' warning would be easier for mere mortals such as myself to understand if the message were as clear as your explanation!
  • I have received the same message as DeanE except in my case Express cancelled the map update due to lack of memory. I removed and reset my 32 gb sd card several times and the map update proceeded normally.
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