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Nuvi 3597 How to

G'day . G'day I have a Nuvi 3597 . If I'm following a route how do I bypass a shaping point or a waypoint in a route , it keeps wanting me to make a U-turn ,
I have searched this Forum and YouTube for a answer without success
sorry if I have asked this question in the wrong place
regards Jacko


  • t923347 432 Points
    If you pass a shaping point the Nuvi should just continue to direct you on your route. It will not attempt to recalculate you back to a shaping point.

    If you miss a way point the 3597 will continue to try and get you back to it until it exhausts all the available alternatives. At that point it will direct you to the next point on your route. To avoid that, probably the fastest thing you can do in many situations is to cancel the route and load it up again.
  • On my Drive 61 all I do is press the top info bar (where it says next location) and then select my next waypoint. Not familiar with Nuvi so not sure if you can do that or not.
  • t923347 432 Points
    I don't believe that is an option on the 3597 and I have not seen it on my DriveLuxe 50 either so I'll have to keep an eye out. Sounds like it would be helpful.
  • alanb 555 Points
    It is possible to edit the current route (the one you are navigating) on the 3597. Go to Apps > Trip Planner > select active route (it should be the first on the list of trips) > select the via from the list and delete. This is probably a couple more steps than the method given by t923347, but if your route isn't a saved trip, it is a way to remove a via without having to manually reenter all the via points.
  • t923347 432 Points
    edited July 2017
    Yes, I was assuming a saved route. I would advise some caution in using either method while driving as they both require taking your eyes off the road while making multiple screen taps.
  • sussamb 827 Points
    t923347 said:

    I don't believe that is an option on the 3597 and I have not seen it on my DriveLuxe 50 either so I'll have to keep an eye out. Sounds like it would be helpful.

    On the Drive series tap the wrench bottom right then select Change route. You then get various options including skipping viapoints and shaping points.
  • t923347 432 Points
    edited July 2017
    Good point, and that I knew. Really like that new feature. Pressing the green bar I'd never heard of.
  • alanb 555 Points
    That sounds like a great new feature. Can you access it with voice control?
  • t923347 432 Points
    Not sure about that as I don't use voice controls often. It's part of the Map Tools (Settings - Map & Vehicle - Map Tools) if that's of any help. The Drive series added this "Change Route" option which includes:

    - Route Preview
    - Skip Next Destination
    - Skip Next Shaping Point
    - Detour - find a different route
    - Detour by Distance - avoid upcoming distance - ie. avoid next .5, 1, 2, 5, 10 KM/Miles
    - Detour by Road - avoid upcoming roads - ie. avoid upcoming maneuvers (turns etc.)

    I've used the Skip Next options but not the Detour ones. I've only used the Skip Next Options using screen taps.
  • Jackofjr 0 Points
    Thanks for all the replies , you have given me a few things to try
    I have planned a short test route in Base Camp to try later today . I have found in the settings of my Nuvi
    " Optimise Route " default is Automatic or I can select On Request , I will see what that dose
    I also have a Zumo 350LM I use on my Bike , it has a "Off Route setting" default is Auto but I can select
    " On Request " or '' Off " , set to Auto it keeps wanting to return any missed points .
    I'm thinking the " Optimise Route " in the Nuvi might do the same , it only has 2 options " Auto or Off " I will give it a test later .
    Thanks again , regards Jacko
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited July 2017
    Don't think that's what "optimize route" is for. I believe that function will re-arrange the order of your waypoints as needed to create the shortest route.
  • Jackofjr 0 Points
    Yep Boyd you must be right .
    " Optimise Route " set to automatic or on request , didn't help when I followed my Test Route when I deviated from the route it just kept saying " when possible make a U-turn , didn't matter if it was a Way Point or a Shaping Point , or how far I went , Karen kept insisting I make a bloody U-turn .
    I don't think it is possible to do anything about it with the Nuvi 3597 , well I cant seem to find how .
    I guess not all Garmin's have that feature , its very annoying but I suppose that's just the way it is
    I have always had Garmin GPS and probably always will , when I update I will see what the newer models have
    catch ya regards Jacko
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I have a 3597.
    The only time that I have had this experience is when I gave a town as a via point – because I wanted to go through this town on my route. But you see, one never knows exactly where Garmin considers "the town". It is a single point - not the whole town. If you do not pass that single point, you will be asked to make U-turns or other to pass that single point.

    I only did this once – and learned my lesson. So you need to make your via points real points – and not undefinably large areas.

    Was this your situation?
  • Jackofjr 0 Points
    Yes I understand that is what's happening , I thought there may of been some way of skipping a via point
    I can do it with my Zumo and it seems possible with other GPS but not the 3597 .
    A lot of Out Back roads and tracks have been realigned , it would be possible to be way off coarse and end up somewhere you don't want to be , but I always have the good old paper maps .
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    Garmin's handheld units have this feature, my Montana has the same recalculation options as your Zumo. Have never seen this on the Nuvi series.
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