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garmin Nuvi 2798LMT backup camera

Clarification needed,
My Garmin Nuvi 2798 LMT was switched from my old Subaru, where it worked properly to my 2010 Vovlo XC90. The power cable was routed through the Vovlo's center console and the 12 volt plug was removed to allow hard wiring. Pairing the unit failed, (power up display via the BC 20 mount and press rear button on mount is 1st step) and I sent the display back to Garmin and it has been refurbished. It still will not pair, the map display does not change to the pair request screen when the button on the rear of the BC 20 mount is pressed. I cannot get a clear answer from Garmin techs regarding the possible secondary function of the original 12 volt plug, who claim that the pairing display is somehow affected by the rear mounted transmitter. My understanding is that the pairing request is initiated by the front display, via the BC 20 mount button, which should change the map display to the backup screen, and accompany that with text offering pairing, then when the power is supplied to the camera & transmitter by shifting to reverse, pairing is possible. I can purchase a replacement BC 20 kit; cable, transmitter & camera from and swap out the cable. I paid almost $350 for the Volvo techs to install the backup camera etc and I'm concerned that even if I do replace the transmitter/camera, my pairing will still fail.
Can anyone provide clarification. Does the 12 volt plug contain any component other than raw 12 v current? I did purchase a new cable from Garmin, but was advised by their tech to return it, and the original display to have it refurbished.


  • Problem solved with excellent support from The BC20 mount was faulty, not the GPS nor the cable. They let me try their mount and it paired immediately. I'm wondering if the original mount has failed.
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