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Struggling to zoom gamin etrex 10

I just recently bought a garmin etrex 10 because I am going camping. I am going to be walking 3 to 4 kilometers from my campsite. My objective is to make my campsite a way point, go walking, and the make my way back to my campsite. I have been able to find satellites. My issue is, how do I set waypoint to my current location rather than having to put in coordinates, and how do I zoom in on the map. I currently see my whole state which is not useful as I am walking only 3 to 4 kilometers. I want to be able to zoom in and see where I am going


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Have you read the manual? To set a waypoint just press and hold the thumbstick.

    To zoom in/out press the up/down keys page 6.
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited August 2017
    sussamb said:

    Have you read the manual?

    And you will find the manual here :)

    Just be aware that Garmin has combined the eTrex 10, 20 and 30 manuals so it will describe some features that are not available on your GPS.
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