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Garmin gpsmap 64s keep turning off

Just bought a gpsmap 64st, (had a 62s for 5 years... worked fine, but wanted a upgrade) The 64st keeps turning off. And for a start it was "lost". I have used it for about three weeks, and thats has not been a problem. I turned it off two days ago, just outside mine house, when i got out today it was blinking ???. when it get contact with satteltes (green scale), it was still lost, and said probelm with sattelites. I did a reset, and then i was ok. But..... I had a bikeride for aprox 5 hrs, and it turned off about 6 times. I have powersave/screensaver for after 30 sek. (had it also on my 62s with no problems) I switched to fully chagred NiMH... turned of. Swithced t standrad batteries, turned off after a while. Any tips? (sorry for my bad english)


  • sussamb 827 Points
    Time to acquire a satellite lock varies due to numerous factors, so what you describe there seems fairly typical.

    However, as advised on the Garmin forums if it keeps switching off and the batteries aren't loose you may have a defective device so take it back for an exchange.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited August 2017
    Is it really "turning off", or is the software crashing and causing a shutdown? Have you updated the firmware recently? What kind of map are you using?

    Of course it could be a power problem, but I would also look for other possibilities. You could try leaving the screen on the whole time, then maybe you'll get a better idea of why this happens.

    If it is still within your return/exchange period however, you might just go ahead and swap it while you still can.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    I have software v 4.7.
    It is turning off.
    This trip i from tme to time pushed the arrowbutton to wake it up from sleep.. and sometimes it was off. When i see the track in basecamp, is a stright line form "off-point" to "on-point", (that i offcourse edit to be correct)

    I will try the next week to have the screen always on, and see whats happend.

  • Boyd 1997 Points
    When is the last day that you can return the GPS for a refund or exchange? If you're still having problems you should think twice about letting that date pass. :)
  • yrrah 2 Points
    at least one year warranty here in my country.
  • nevw 88 Points
    edited August 2017
    When I first got my etrex I did not lock the xd card slide correctly and that caused a lot of shutdowns for first few days but once I had the card seated and locked in correctly it worked fine.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    I actually was not referring to a "warranty". Here in the US retailers have a published policy regarding returns and exchanges. For example, you may have 15 days during which you can return the device for a full refund or exchange it for another one. This would be done with the retailer where you purchased the GPS and is completely separate from Garmin's warranty.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    Aha.... i see, and I should have know what you ment.
    And thanks for the card-sot tip.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    and by the way... i guess there's no problem (since i have done it for over 5 years on my 62s.)
    ch I have som rechargebale batteries.... wich i charge sepratly in a charger.
    When i conect the unit in PC with batteries.. its not going to problem.... like it tryes charge or somthing.
    Just asing.. but i think/feels its not a problem
  • DaveM 159 Points
    It's not a problem. I always charge my batteries outside of my 64 and other Garmin GPSs. It won't try charging them unless the button behind them is pressed. Garmin battery packs will press it but not standard rechargeable batteries.
  • I got a new handheld... and same problem with that one.
  • DaveM 159 Points
    You said you use rechargeable batteries. Do you have the battery type set to NiMH? If not it could think the batteries are discharged when they are still charged and shut down. If you tap the power button it will bring up a screen that shows battery level. Does it show low batteries?
  • Fully charged Varta AA batteries.
    Setings on pre-charged NiMH batteries.
    and to test... new alkaline-batteries and the correct settings....

    If the same thing happends once more I can cancel the purchase and get my money back.

    Mayby I will go for Orgen 700 or most likley GPSmap 64S... i like to have buttons since I use it the whole year around... and while sking and cycling in 5-15 C... i can't use tpuchscreen.
  • Now I got my third unit.... hope this will work as good as 62s did.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    and i have got the 64 s now.... same problem for the last 4-5 month. ...
    And one funny thing... at one point in my local forest (a ski stadum)... it always turns of.
    I can go for 2 hours.... ne problem... come the "point"... turns of...
    Start form the parking lot near by... OK... and then of....
    When i go circles/round and round i the aena.... it turnng of several times... then i go from there.... and 1-2-3 hours... and its ok... and then back the ame routine with turning of now and then when it feels like it.

    I have orderd the battery-package form Garmin... maybe that wil help.
    If not i will try out the Oregon 700
  • DaveM 159 Points
    I see you said "a ski stadum" If it's cold that could affect the batteries most of them don't like working is the get too cold. If it's cold try Lithium batteries they will work a lot better in the cold.

    I have never had the problems you describe with my 64s or other Garmins.
  • yrrah 2 Points
    Its funny...
    It lives it own life. Turns of when it feels like, summer/fall/winter... the 64st was the same (see top of the thread).

    But the thing with the ski-arena..... I can be out (like to day).. for 4 hours.... no problem... and same many times.. I have been out walking in 10-15 minus (C) ... nie problem... but as soon as I coime toh the arena... DEAD... like someone knows I am there, and it makes me mad. (ha ha)...

    And as i also said.... the 62s.... worked form july 2012 to summer 2017 without any problems....
    But I have ordred Oregon... if that does the same its my karma that is the problem :+)
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