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Garmin 2599LMT-D Rebooting for several minutes

Whilst following a route near Portsmouth, our Garmin nuvi 2599LMT-D went into a reboot loop. It would reach the home page, but as soon as I pressed "View Map" it rebooted. This went on for a few minutes, then it recovered. On our return journey it worked perfectly.
It wasn't any sort of battery problem as I could see the LED on the 12v adapter was on throughout the episode.
The trouble started around the time we passed an ambulance and a fire engine attending an incident at a house. Might their radio traffic have addled our sat nav? They were gone when we returned.
Or how about radar? The Portsmouth area must be buzzing with naval radar, especially with a new aircraft carrier coming into port in a few days time.
Any other suggestions ?


  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited August 2017
    Anything is possible, but I think it's unlikely that any interference outside of your car could cause that sort of problem. With a source of RFI inside the car you might have problems, but not sure they would be like what you experienced.

    Most likely it was just a software bug, possibly triggered by a combination of things like data in the map and route calculation. Unless this starts happening frequently, I wouldn't worry about it much. However there is one general thing I'd try. Not familiar with your model, but most of the newer Nuvi models don't fully shut down when you turn off the car ignition. They just "go to sleep", which allows them to start up quickly the next time.

    I think this allows "garbage" to accumulate in the memory over time and that can cause strange things like you experienced. The solution is simple, force the GPS to completely shutdown from time to time, like once a week. On most Nuvi's you can do this by pressing and holding the power button until a message appears asking if you want to turn it off. That allows it to start with a "blank slate" the next time.

    The other thing you can try is a hard reset which clears many odd problems. I wouldn't do that unless this is a repeatable problem though, because it will delete all your favorites and reset all the menus to their defaults.
  • Swifty 33 Points
    Thanks for the suggestion of an occasional complete shutdown. Holding the power button down is a common "soft reset" in many devices. Perhaps I did one accidentally?
    I'm a bit wary of these though, after coming across a device which did a soft reset after pressing for 5 seconds, but a factory reset if you hung on for 10 seconds...
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    edited August 2017
    I really wouldn't worry about that. I don't see how you could have accidentally done it - it's very obvious what's happening, an alert box shows on the screen that asks if you want to shut it down and you can either cancel or confirm. It's not a "soft reset", it's a power-down. It's the same as shutting down your computer vs putting it into sleep mode.

    And holding the power button for a long time doesn't do a "reset" anyway, it just forces a shutdown. That is necessary sometimes when the software crashes and the Nuvi locks up. But you have to hold it down for a long time for that to happen.

    And in both cases, nothing is "reset" or changed on the Nuvi, it just turns off and then goes through the normal start-up sequence the next time you press the power button. The hard reset is more complicated and there's no way that you could accidentally do that. For info on the hard reset, see this:
  • Swifty 33 Points
    There has been no recurrence of this problem, but I made sure to put a paper map into the car before my wife set off to see her elderly aunt, about 200 miles away.

    Here's a funny story for all you GPS folks:
    In the year 2000 my wife bought me my first SatNav for my 50th birthday. I was really pleased and told her I was glad that she wanted me to be able to find my way home.
    She replied "I'd rather hoped you'd use it to GO somewhere..." :-)
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    I would have called her bluff on that. :D
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