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charging Drivesmart 61 LMT-S

I just bought this and have been charging it with a usb ac adapter. It has been charging for several hours and the battery app shows a lightning bolt. Does this mean it's fully charged or that it still needs charging?


  • If i recall correctly, it will never actually change the icon when it's fully charged. If it has been charging for a couple hours it's probably charged. Unplug the cable and see if it thinks it's charged is the only way to know..
  • In the old day the battery would run the units for 3-4 hours. Not on the new Drive units. One hour at best. Small battery shouldn't take hours to charge.
  • So basically if the icon doesn't change what's the point of having it? I guess since I'll be using it plugged into the car cigarette lighter it doesn't matter. Thanks
  • Sorry for sounding snarky. I did unplug it and the icon is solid green. So the lightning bolt is when it's charging and solid green when charged. :)
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