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Write OSM partial Euro map to Nuvi 2555LM?

I am planning a driving trip through France and am toying with the idea of writing a partial OSM map to my aging, but still in use U.S. Nuvi 2555LM.

- back up US map and whole device
- write relevant OSM map in
- restore US map or whole device

Crazy plan?


  • sussamb 936 Points
    Just send the partial OSM map to your nuvi. No need to do anything else.
  • Hmm...
    I attempted that a few years ago, and ran into trouble.
    All I remember was G unit was "greatly disturbed' and almost took out my Windows 7 laptop with it.
    I vaguely seem to recall it could not cope with another non-Garmin map or such.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    That doesn't sound right. You should put the map on a card though, that way you can just remove the card if there's a problem.
  • Boyd said:

    That doesn't sound right. You should put the map on a card though, that way you can just remove the card if there's a problem.

    Not positive, but I think my U.S. map may be on the external storage.
    I think I know that 'cause unit once had intermittent contact with card, in the middle of rush hour traffic, in an unknown part of Hartford CT. B,oth us and GPS did not have a clue where we were!
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I would (still) follow Boyd's advice, and put it on a card. Perhaps another card. They're cheap.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    edited August 2017
    Just get a bigger card if needed. You can have multiple maps on the same card. I was just responding to your concerns that the map could cause problems. If it does, the card can make life much easier. For example, if you put a corrupt map file in internal storage, it can prevent the Nuvi from completing the startup process.

    We see frequent threads about "bricked" Nuvi's that won't start up. If the corrupt file is on a card, simply remove the card and the problem goes away. This is much more difficult with a corrupt file in internal memory, because you can't access it if the unit won't start up.
  • jay_moussy 81 Points
    edited August 2017
    I just wrote to the SD card, a selection of areas of France on the Nuvi 2555. It looks like the new OSM maps cohabit nicely with the N.A. Garmin one
    So that part is done. No bricking that I can see - went in without a back up, knucklehead style!

    I wonder what the OSM map will offer- no specific address search?

    I added a "relief" map which should depict natural landscape features. Will the Garmin read both the road map and the natural-feature one at the same time?
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Would have to know more about the "relief map". Garmin devices can use DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data to create shaded terrain. However there are no third party tools to make this kind of map because nobody has been able to figure out the correct format. People have had some success in "ripping" the DEM from Garmin products, but that is a clear violation of their copyright and something that would get the attention of Garmin's lawyers. ;)

    So that probably isn't what you have. It may be a transparent overlay that will add features to the other map(s). It might also clutter the display. Do you have a link that describes what you've downloaded?
  • jay_moussy 81 Points
    edited August 2017
    Boyd, the "relief map" I have is:

    (I simplified the "fevr" spelling above, as it was set with special characters to reproduce the French accent aigu)

    which I derived out of:

    It's got to be a topo map showing the elevation curves?
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Since there doesn't seem to be any description, the only way to find out what it is would be to install it. Yes, it might just be elevation contours with a transparent background, I have seen and used maps like that before. Give it a try and then you'll know what it is.

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