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hi, as I'm new to all of this I hope you can help, I recently bought a 'noza tec 'satnav every things ok but when trying to use 'navigation" a message says 'please insert iGO sd card' can anyone help!! (I've inserted a normal 32gb sd card) but how do I get a IGO SD Card thanks peeps..


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited August 2017
    Don't know anything about a "noza tec" GPS, but it appears to be asking for a memory card that has the iGO software on it. iGO is a navigation program that used to be popular on devices based on the Windows CE and WIndows Mobile operating systems. Not sure if it is is still made or supported.

    If you don't have the card, you are probably out of luck, although it's possible that the device is just looking in the wrong place for the software. I suggest you contact whoever you bought the device from.
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