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Garmin RV 770 LMT-S will not show coordinates of old waypoints

So I just got a new 770. Have been a long time user of Garmin GPSs and have thousands of waypoints which I transferred over. I cannot figure out how to show the GPS coordinates of these waypoints. Called Garmin and they said it will show coordinates of only waypoints which were directly entered. I find this hard to believe. For example, if I wanted to meet someone at a spot which does not have an address, I cannot look up the waypoint and give them the coordinates. I guess I will have to carry my old GPSMAP 498 just for this purpose. This is a major fault.

Any one have any other ideas?




  • sussamb 827 Points
    Well you could simply ask it to show a favourite on screen then tap the screen at that point. This should give you the coords.
  • t923347 432 Points
    edited August 2017
    I don't know if this will help, mainly because I don't have your model GPS, but on both my DriveLuxe 50 and Nuvi 3597 I can scroll around on the map screen, tap on the screen, and get co-ordinates or an address to route to.

    For example, open the map screen and scroll to the location you want the co-ordinates for. Zoom in or out to make sure your as near as possible to the exact location. Now tap the screen at the location and along the bottom of the screen you'll see a "coordinates" button. Tap this button and the device will switch to a screen which calculates the route to the location you have tapped on. The exact coordinates will appear in the top left side of that screen.

    One word of caution is that it seems that if you tap on an actual street the GPS will only give you an option to route to an address. In this case the route calculation screen will only show an address and not the coordinates for that address so you may have better luck always tapping off of the actual street shown on the map.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    None of Garmin's automotive units have ever shown coordinates for waypoints (favorites, saved places, whatever). It is true that the more recent models will have a name that defaults to the coordinates if you create them on the device AND if they aren't on a road where the default would be the address. But in either case, if you assign your own name to the favorite then I dont think you can see the coordinates anymore.

    My only idea would be to load the waypoints into Basecamp. You can then right-click the list and choose "show detailed data list" which will show the coordinates. Double-clicking any waypoint and choosing "advanced" will allow you to copy the coordinates and paste them into the waypoint name or comment field.
  • Thank for the responses. Just frustrating that these newer models seems to neglect that the most informative factor of a waypoint is the GPS coordinates. Seems Garmin could easily fix this if they wanted to.
    Also don't like that it does not show the total miles left in a trip. Shows arrival time but not miles. That is actually more informative to me. On my 478, I could change all the fields.
    Going backwards if you ask me.
  • Boyd 1997 Points
    edited August 2017
    Well it isn't "the new models", the Nuvi series has always been like this, going back to 2005. The Dezl and RV models are basically the same thing with a few specialized features. And the whole point is, Garmin doesn't want to fix it. They intentionally removed features like this that were present on earlier devices like the StreetPilot 26xx and Quest.

    "Back in the day" we used to have threads about how the Nuvi series was "dumbed down" but it isn't discussed anymore because most people already know or just don't care. The GPSMap 478 is a marine device that was introduced in 2006. Their automotive products in 2017 just aren't cut from the same cloth. Garmin seems to think it will scare people away if there are too many menus or too much information. ;)

    But there should definitely be a way to change display of arrival time to miles, and there should also be a way to show several data fields at the same time. My Dezl and Nuvi are from the 2012 generation and the user interface has changed on yours. But typically just tapping the data field should bring up a menu of different choices. For multiple fields, see if this works:
  • t923347 432 Points
    You should be able to customize what data is displayed on your GPS such Arrival Time. Here is some procedures that I wrote for the 3597 and still work with the new Drive series models. I suspect that they will work on your RV 770 as well:

  • Boyd 1997 Points
    BTW, you said you transferred "thousands" of waypoints. You might want to check to see if they're all actually on the GPS. Garmin stopped publishing that spec on their site, but AFAIK their automotive devices only allow 1000 waypoints. Maybe that has been increased on the new models? But otherwise, some of yours may not be there, and you may not be able to create any new ones without deleting some.
  • Thanks, I was able to change the fields around. I exaggerated on the number of waypoints. Probably less than 900. But I've accumulated them since I bought my first Garmin in 2000. I'm going to have to carry my 60CSX so I can look up coordinates on it when I need them.

    Thanks to all.
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