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Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-D

Anyone have the above device, The problem I have is when on a route and turn a corner for example it either freezes or takes about 2 mins to realize that I have turned, software and maps are up to date with 5 bars for sat connection, the unit has been replaced as garmin thought it may be faulty but same problems are still there, everything is at factory default settings, to be honest as a courier driver this kit is useless because of speed issues and garmin support is a waste of time



  • sussamb 753 Points
    I have a DriveSmart which works perfectly. Have to say that if yours is working out the box as you describe it I'd suspect a faulty device although the chances of getting two in succession is pretty small.
  • My first thought was that I had another faulty unit as well, I would say its acting like a computer low on memory but it could also be bad software/firmware issue but not what you expect from a £300 unit.

  • Boyd 1848 Points
    You could try doing a hard reset. I wouldn't expect a brand new unit to need this, but you never know, and it clears a variety of odd problems. No harm trying IMO - see this link. I believe the new units use the same procedure listed for the nuvi 55, 56, 57, 58, and 60 series but maybe @sussamb can confirm that?

  • sussamb 753 Points
    Master reset for the Drive models is covered here

    However given it's happened on both his GPS I suspect it won't help, but as you say it's worth a try.
  • thanks for reply I had done that on the returned unit after garmin suggested it. Just done it on the unit I have now and went out for drive seem to follow my driving route fine with no freezing, put a postcode in and then went in every direction apart for right one, couple of times it seemed to recalculate the new route a few times before picking one

  • Hey Kenny,

    Can I ask you at what zoom level the display only show the major roads only?
  • btw does the driveassist 50 comes with 8gb for internal storage?
  • It has 14gb of internal storage although I would expect that some of that is reserved for the system.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    The "system" is not part of the user-accessible memory that is reported by your computer. When you do a firmware update, it's flashed to this protected memory; you can't access this at all yourself. Now there are some "system" files that are stored in user-accessible memory, such as the files in the hidden .System folder. But the "brains" of the GPS are all stored in that inaccesible memory.
  • Thanks Kenny for the reply.
    Can you verify at what zoom level the display stops showing the minor roads and only shows the major roads?
  • not sure of a level but its only takes a couple of clicks on minus button on map for minors to disappear, hope that helps
  • Thanks Kenny, it seems to mimic oldr models (like my 2597) that all roads show on map up to zoom level 500meters
  • I have a 2 month old unit. Three times it has frozen within 1 mile of destination. Change destination and it recalculates route and functions correctly. I feel it is poor software. On one route it showed 120 metres to school for 50 miles :-( Guess the software needs a few rough points ironed out. I will contact Garmin direct and if no satisfactory answer return u nit as unfit for purpose.
  • kenny61 0 Points
    Nice to know others have issues with this unit, i have more or less guven up with mine despite resets and updates its still gas a mind of its own at times. Final straw was a few weeks ago when i was heading to an address in dunfermline took me well away from correct location. I now use google maps on my phone never let me down yet either in city or country.
  • sussamb 753 Points
    I have a DriveSmart 50 ... hasn't missed a beat since I bought it over a year ago now.
  • kenny61 0 Points
    Im on my 2nd replacement and same issues are still there. Some great features pity the main function of it is so temperamental
  • kenny61 0 Points
    Try this address on satnav and google do they both show same place not for me google is bang on yet sat nav is about 150 yards away

    30 harvesters way edinburgh
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