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I have a Nuvi 2595 and i would like to clear out several items that i have in the 'saved' category. When i enter the saved places and scroll down to the item i want to remove i 'click' on the item and than touch the three horizontal bars on the top left of the screen, the unit than displays a page that asks if i want to 'spell' or 'delete saved places' if i click on delete saved places another screen displays and displays all the saved places that i have on the unit. i scroll down to the saved place i want to delete and i tap on the item which than shows a green check mark in a box of the item i want to delete, immediately a 'delete' box displays, and i hit the 'delete' box, but nothing deletes and no matter how many times i hit the delete button nothing gets deleted. What am i not doing correctly?

My software version is 8.30, Firmware is 4.14.10


  • Boyd 1786 Points
    edited September 9
    I think the 2595 is like my devices from 2012. You should be ablt to do Where To > Saved and then tap one of the items. At the bottom center of the screen there should be a button with ( i ). Tap that, then tap the "three bar" button at the top left of the screen and choose Delete. This works for me.

    However there is another issue that can cause deleted items to reappear and the fix involves several steps. To permanently delete items, first follow the steps above. Now connect the Nuvi to your computer and look in the GPX folder on the device. Delete ALL .gpx files from this folder. There should be no issues with doing this, but you can copy them to your computer first if you're concerned. Now start the Nuvi again and the deleted items should be gone forever.

    The problem is that whenever you start the Nuvi, it automatically imports any saved places that are found in .gpx files. Various things can cause a .gpx file containing your favorites to be stored on the Nuvi, so you have to remove those files to prevent deleted items from reappearing.
  • What is a recommended software to use to open a .GPX file?
  • Boyd 1786 Points
    edited September 9
    Garmin Basecamp can open .gpx files. So can their older Mapsource software. There are many, many other programs for this also. Actually, .gpx files are just text files that you can open with any text editor such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on the Mac. You might need to change the extension to .txt however.

    Note that the file named Current.gpx will contain a copy of all your saved locations and your current track. There is no problem deleting this file because it's just a copy of internal data that's stored in protected memory you can't access. Current.gpx is automatically generated every time the Nuvi starts up, so it will always come back.
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