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My 2639 won't start up

Got this refurbished unit a couple of weeks ago and my wife went not a business trip and it worked well. To day I turned it on and put in the address of where we are going to tomorrow and all next week and it worked well. It then shut itself off and when I went to start it nothing happened. I read a post on here saying to hold the button down for thirty seconds which I did and it came on when attached to my computer so I left it hooked up for an hour and when I took it off it does not turn on, when it is hooked up to the computer or to an ac charger the Garmin name comes on the screen but does not go to any other screen. When I disconnect it will go black and if I push the button or hold it nothing happens. If I plug it into the ac or computer the Garmin name comes on the screen as before but nothing else. If I plug into the car power the same thing happens, any suggestions.
You would think that a company like Garmin would have 24/7 support but I guess they think nothing breaks down on weekends.


  • alanb 555 Points
    It sounds to me like it is a battery or charging issue. Since it is a refurbished unit (assuming factory refurbished by Garmin), it should have a 1 year warranty. Try to get it replaced from the retailer you bought it from and if that doesn't work, call Garmin support for a warranty replacement.
  • I had it on charge for a long time and I think you are right. I changed cords to my old GPS and got a message on the screen saying I could not get traffic with that cord and to use the cord that came with it and then it started to work and had a message that it had a low battery but right now it is working and if I still have trouble when we get back from vacation I will contact Garmin who I bought it from and get a replacement.
    Thanks for the reply.
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