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Android Auto.

Does anyone have any experience with Android Auto? I searched the forum and found only one reference to Android Auto, but I may have missed some posts.

Just today I picked up a new (2017) Kia Optima. The head unit has the Kia infotainment system called EVO which connects to your smart phone via USB cable. EVO also integrates with Google's Android Auto and gives you all the Android Auto infotainment and navigation features on top of the other features built into EVO.

I was surprised that my cheapo Tracfone actually works well with Android Auto. It all looks pretty impressive, but I suspect for now I will stick with my nuvi 3597 for most navigation. Since Tracfone is a "pay as you go" plan, I think it will be costly with Tracfone's data usage fees to use Android Auto for navigation.

My initial tests appear that I can pair both EVO/Android Auto and Garmin Smartphone Link for traffic on the nuvi at the same time. I am not sure what will happen with this setup though when I get a phone call or text. I wish I could turn off the telephony functions on Smartphone Link and just use the Traffic.

I am just barely smart-phone literate, so the learning curve for the Kia Evo/Android Auto apps will be pretty steep for me. But I am keeping an open mind at this point and look forward to playing and learning.


  • alanb 557 Points
    Correction to above post ... the feature is Kia UVO, not EVO
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